Gay Drug Rehab & LGBT Addiction Treatment

Photo of gay flag
Gay Pride Flag

Social stressors and underlying emotional issues can often contribute to drug and alcohol addiction for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). LGBT individuals may also struggle with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Freedom Rings, the LGBT addiction treatment track at Lakeview Health, provides optimal addiction treatment while addressing the issues that may contribute to self-destructive behavior, including heterosexism, internal homophobia, trauma, prejudice, discrimination and sexual health. Our staff will teach you how to build coping skills to achieve lasting sobriety, providing you with tools for recovery and a relapse prevention plan tailored to your needs.

Our gay-friendly rehab program has won Best Practices Award in the state of Florida and includes:

  • Doctors, nurses and therapists specifically trained to treat LGBT individuals
  • Medical and clinical assessments that evaluate underlying mental health and environmental issues, sexual health and nature and severity of addiction
  • Support and community with other LGBT patients seeking recovery
  • Individual and group therapy using specific modalities for the LGBT community
  • Family and couples counseling

To learn more about LGBT-friendly rehab at Lakeview Health, contact us at 800-884-1727.