Medical Staff

Lantie Jorandby, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Ellen Ovson, MD

Medical Director

The medical staff is a strong pillar in any health facility. For this reason, selection and the recruitment of the team should be done with a lot of care. As a matter of fact, the successful handling of clients depends on the amount of effort the staff gives in a facility.

One of the challenges that might cripple the client’s service delivery is a shortage of medical staff. According to the World Health Organization, over four million people across the world are unable to access health services.

One of the best things about Lakeview Health is that we maintain a low staff-to-patient ratio to make sure that clients get the help they need and deserve. Learn how the Lakeview Health medical staff can help you or someone you love recover from addiction.

The Features of a Quality Medical Staff

Working in a medical office at any level is not easy. In fact, practicing medicine is a calling, unlike other professions. For this reason, there are some common characteristics that medical practitioners should have. They include:

  • Good education and training
  • Dedication and commitment to their duties
  • Compassion
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility

While proper training puts a Lakeview Health medical staff member in a position to deliver responsibilities accordingly, commitment and compassion fuel the ambition to attend to clients willingly. Accuracy is a derivative of the proper training our staff receives.

Our medical staff members must be flexible since they can be called at any time including for emergencies. If you aren’t flexible in the medical profession – lives can be lost.

Servant Leadership Among the Lakeview Medical Staff

Servant leadership is not a common phenomenon in large organizations. However, this kind of leadership could be the best for any health facility. In this type of leadership, the main objective of every person is to serve first, and the rest follows suit. There is no power concentration on the senior-most officials. Instead, there is power-sharing. The Lakeview Health medical staff assists one another to become better every day.

As an addiction medicine and recovery center, Lakeview Health medical staff operates within the framework of servant leadership. We believe that each employee is a specialist in his/her field. For this reason, every person within the facility has autonomy and freedom to make decisions. It is out of this type of leadership that we can give you quality services, which include:

Outpatient Services

The truth is that our medical staff dedicates themselves to your care. After all, you are the reason we exist.

What Servant Leadership Means to our Medical Staff

Servant leadership is vital among medical staff. It is also beneficial for clients of a treatment facility. To start with, servant leadership means that every member of our staff is an expert in their field. Since everyone wants to better their service delivery, the following happens:

  • Encouragement of feedback from employees
  • Encouragement of suggestions
  • In-depth consultations among the staff
  • A serious approach to recommendations is given

The style puts every individual in a leadership position within a facility.

If you have not had a chance to experience a kind, well-trained, and experienced medical staff, it is time you came and tried us out. We are a leader in addiction medicine and recovery. Therefore, make the choice to find a long- lasting solution to your addiction by calling us at 866.374.0561.