The Lakeview Health Rehab Center Campus in Florida

The Lakeview Health alcohol and drug rehab center is a world away from the chaos of addiction—a modern, comfortable facility in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Here you’ll find both excellent medical care and a peaceful atmosphere that supports healing and recovery.

Detox and Rehabilitation Center

The fresh new look and feel of our newly renovated and expanded rehabilitation center sets the tone for your treatment at Lakeview. Our medical facilities and exam rooms are state of the art, to ensure safe and comfortable treatment. The center includes all the features you would expect from a luxury retreat. Our common dining room serves healthy dishes as well as comfort food to make you feel at home. All of our food items are prepared by our in-house, classically trained chef using the freshest ingredients for the season. Leisure spaces with televisions and games, as well as rooms for individual and group therapy, are designed to enhance your comfort so you can focus on what’s important: your healing and recovery.


During the initial detox and inpatient phases of treatment, patients stay in the living quarters of our detox and rehab building. The rooms are spacious, semiprivate, well-furnished and close to attending doctors and clinical therapists 24 hours a day.

During the partial hospitalization and outpatient phases, patients may live nearby at the Villages, a transitional environment where they have easy access to continuing treatment while they prepare for re-entry into everyday life.

At the Villages, patients are paired with same-sex roommates and live in comfortable, two-bedroom apartments, each with a kitchen, bathroom and living room with television. Staff members are on-site 24 hours a day, and shuttles are available to take patients to and from the main treatment center and into town for off-site activities and nightly 12-step meetings.