The beautiful city of Ocala, Florida is a popular tourist spot, with many visitors coming for the Silver Springs, Wild Waters Water Park, Six Gun Territory, and various other attractions.

It is also well known as the best place for raising thoroughbred horses, started by Carl Rose during World War Two. Horses raised here have won both the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown.

What most people don’t know is that drug and alcohol addiction also run rampant through the city. If you live in Ocala and are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction, there’s help for you nearby. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Lakeview Health offers life-changing addiction treatment programs proven to help individuals heal.

The Opioid Crisis is Not Just in Ocala

Ocala substance abuse statisticsThe epidemic of opioid addiction has gotten so bad in Ocala that ambulances have started stocking more and more Narcan (an inhaler that instantly detoxes someone who’s overdosing) and are having to re-stock it more often than before. Additionally, Ocala police departments have begun programs to try to help addicts get to rehab.

But it’s not just in Ocala; the crisis is all over the state of Florida. According to Attorney General Ashley Moody, who was appointed as the chair of the statewide drug task force, said that in Florida, 17 people die a day due to drug-related causes.

In September 2018, a former doctor in West Delray by the name of Barry Schultz was arrested for prescribing and selling opioids to his patients, many of whom became addicted. He is now serving a prison sentence of 157 years.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Detox Programs Near Ocala, Florida

Although opioids and heroin, among other drugs, are the central crisis in Ocala, addiction to alcohol is just as common. According to Ocala substance abuse statistics, in 2015, at least 17% of people in Florida reported binge drinking. And that’s only the reported numbers. Imagine what didn’t get published, or the number of alcoholics who don’t get noticed, or don’t seek help.

The thought is staggering.

There’s hope, though. Lakeview has treatment centers near Ocala to help anyone recover from an alcohol abuse problem.

If you wish to come clean from alcohol, please contact one of our nearby centers for help. Detox and usually takes about five days to get all the alcohol out of your system, sometimes longer depending on the severity of your addiction. Doing it yourself is a painful process and can lead to panic attacks, seizures, and various other medical issues.

Our licensed medical team at Lakeview is well equipped to help keep you as comfortable as possible as you go through this uncomfortable experience. And afterward, we can also help you learn how to stay clean and move on with your future.

Please give us a call at 904.677.5010 today, so we can help you detox safely and comfortably.

Drug Addiction Treatment and Detox Programs Near Ocala, FL

Prescription opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, and fentanyl are among the most used drugs in Florida. Mainly because they are very easy to obtain, either through a prescription or off the streets. If you have chronic pain or was severely injured, it’s possible you have been prescribed for one of those at some time.

Sadly, it’s far too easy to slip from regular use to abusing these drugs, as you start getting used to the feelings (or lack of) that they produce.

Withdrawal from opioid abuse can be dangerous, especially if you attempt it alone. Far more dangerous than alcohol withdrawal. At Lakeside, we can medically help you through the worst of it, easing the withdrawal symptoms, so you get through it safely with minimal effects.

If you wish to seek out our assistance, you can give us a call at 904.677.5010. We want you to be able to live through your withdrawal process so you can once again be who you truly are.

The Recovery Process

/Unfortunately, recovery isn’t over once detox is complete. That may have been the most challenging bump in the road, but it is not going to be the last. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a long road, and it’s going to take a long time to travel it. And we here at Lakeview can help you along the way.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will give you intensive training on how to function as an adult again in the real world. We’ll give you a roadmap, so to speak, to guide you along the path of recovery. You’ll be able to socialize (without the use of drugs), make new lasting friendships, find jobs, and more.

We also conduct various counseling sessions here with licensed psychiatrists, either individually or with a group. The support from people around you who have been there, or are on the same road, can help you immensely. Many people have reported that the support system they found themselves in here at Lakeview is ultimately what kept them clean.

To discuss the treatment and counseling options we offer, call us at 904.677.5010, and we’ll be happy to help you.

More About Our Drug and Alcohol Facilities Near Ocala, Florida

Here at Lakeview Health, we have two treatment facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, and we welcome anyone from Ocala who needs help with detox and recovery treatment.

No one is safe from addiction, and men and women tend to develop attachments to drugs or alcohol for different reasons. As such, recovery works differently for men and women, and they each have unique needs.

Lakeview Health offers two rehab centers in Jacksonville. The Star is our men’s drug rehab center, while The Rose is our women’s drug rehab center. We’ve found that when men and women are not just treated for their addiction but have treatments explicitly designed for them, they have a better rate of remaining clean after treatment.

To learn more about our Gender Responsive Treatment and how it could help you on your road to recovery, please call us at 904.677.5010.

The Types of Treatments We Offer

We offer various treatment programs, to help anyone at any stage of their recovery. While men and women are unique just based on gender, every single person deals with addiction and recovery differently.

While some people may fly through the recovery program quickly with little effort, others will struggle, or be plagued with medical issues that are a result of the abuse they put their bodies through.

As such, we make sure to tailor our treatments accordingly, so that everyone gets the help they need. Here’s a brief overview of the other programs you’ll find here at Lakeview:

Contact Lakeview Health Addiction Treatment and Recovery Today

No matter how long you’ve been an addict, as long as you’re breathing, it is never too late to get help. But you must decide for yourself, no one is going to do it for you.

Now, there may be times when a friend, family member, or the court signs you up for rebab, but if you don’t want to come clean, it’s not going to stick.

Once you find yourself in that place where you’re tired of what you’re doing to yourself, and you want to stop it, please reach out to us. We’re only an hour and a half drive away from Ocala, Florida, but you can easily pick up the phone and call at 904.677.5010.

Let us help you make the best decision of your life.

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