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Depression is a mental health disorder that can be debilitating when left untreated

Many of those who struggle with addiction also face co-occurring mental health issues, which can include depression. While depression can make recovery seem challenging, a targeted treatment program can make a difference. At Lakeview Health, we offer a depression treatment program that uses therapy, medication, and consistent support to help our patients heal.

It’s possible to manage the symptoms of depression effectively and live a happier, healthier life. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and depression, Lakeview Health can help. In our depression treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, we’re devoted to helping patients live a better life. Learn how our dual diagnosis treatment programs in Florida can help. When individuals come to our facility in need of substance abuse treatment, we understand that sometimes these cases also require depression treatment. Without proper treatment, those with co-occurring disorders can be susceptible to relapse, which is why our team tackles both issues during your time with us.

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What is depression?

Depression, or major depressive disorder, is a condition that is characterized by overwhelming feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, anger, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. While everyone feels sad from time to time, especially in times of loss or after experiencing trauma, those who have depressive disorder have difficulty functioning from day to day.

As much as 10% of the general population will suffer from a depressive episode at some point. The symptoms of this mental health condition can affect an individual’s relationships, ability to work, school attendance, daily activities, and health. In addition, depression can impact anyone. Individuals of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds can experience periods of depression.

While there is no one cause for this condition, scientists agree that the following factors can contribute to depression:

Some individuals use drugs and alcohol to cope with feelings of hopelessness. Many substances produce depressive symptoms, both while under the influence and during withdrawal. While drugs and alcohol might provide short-term relief, these feelings quickly fade. Over time, substance use and misuse can actually exacerbate the symptoms of depression.

Are you a candidate for depression treatment?

It’s possible to be struggling with depression and to not even know it, especially if the symptoms are often masked by drugs or alcohol. One way to know whether you are a candidate for a depression treatment program is by determining whether your symptoms interfere with your daily life. Depression can cause a significant disruption in your ability to take care of responsibilities at work, at home, or at school.

Common symptoms of depression include:

At Lakeview Health, our team can help determine whether you are in need of a depression treatment program. Individuals who have bipolar disorder or generalized anxiety disorder can struggle with depression as well. Depressive episodes are a symptom of bipolar disorder, and treatment plans for these two conditions can look similar.

The connection between depression and addiction

Those who have been diagnosed with depression often struggle with opiate and alcohol misuse. Why does this happen? An individual may find temporary relief from the overwhelming symptoms of depression through drugs or alcohol. However, it is important to understand that chronic use of alcohol or drugs can mimic depressive symptoms. Isolation, irritability, and fatigue are examples of such crossover symptoms.

Suffering from addiction while struggling with depression can make it seem like stopping substance abuse is too difficult. Furthermore, substance use issues can prevent depression medication from being effective.

Depression can make sobriety challenging. Someone who uses drugs and alcohol to cope with the symptoms of depression might find that once they are sober, depression makes it hard to stay in recovery. Even after going through a treatment program, relapse can occur if those in recovery don’t also learn how to manage the symptoms of depression.

However, a dual diagnosis treatment program addresses both issues simultaneously, equipping participants for the challenges that they might face in sobriety. At Lakeview Health, our dual diagnosis treatment programs help our patients rebuild their lives and develop the skills they need for successful, sustainable recovery.

Our approach to depression treatment

At Lakeview, we use a comprehensive approach when helping individuals who struggle with depression. The primary goal of our depression treatment program is to help our patients develop healthy coping skills so that they can successfully manage this condition in the future. There is no cure for depression, although many medications and therapies can relieve symptoms.

Our approach to depression treatment includes:

During an initial assessment, we talk to each patient about medications they have taken for depression and how they’ve responded. While medication can be helpful for many with this mental health condition, it’s not a necessary part of treatment. If medication is appropriate for you, we’ll manage your dosage and make sure it is helping you heal.

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, involves both group and individual sessions with a therapist where patients work through issues like past trauma. In these sessions, you’ll learn how various factors might have impacted your mental health. You’ll examine your responses to different situations and challenges and learn how to handle them in a healthy way in the future.

Group therapy, in which a number of individuals struggling with similar issues work together with a therapist, can foster a sense of community in recovery. Understanding that others have been through similar experiences can take away some of the loneliness that depression can cause.

Family involvement is also an important part of our programs. At the appropriate time during treatment, our patients and their loved ones can work through conflict and develop effective communication skills with the help of a therapist.

Finding support from staff in an inpatient drug rehab center helps individuals cope with depression while going through a medical detox and completing addiction treatment. At Lakeview, every member of our team works to help our patients succeed. Here, you’ll find a community that will challenge you, support you, and celebrate your successes.

TMS for depression

One of the most effective tools we use to treat depression is transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS therapy. This FDA-approved treatment involves the use of magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. This can activate regions of the brain that are suppressed by depression.

TMS therapy is painless, non-invasive, and can be completed relatively quickly. While we always supplement this therapy with talk therapy and other approaches to treatment, it can be a useful tool on the road to recovery.

Evidence-based and holistic therapies

In addition to a TMS therapy program and group therapy, Lakeview Health offers a number of other evidence-based and holistic therapies that can be used to treat addiction as well as depression:

Treating addiction alongside depression

Patients needing depression treatment programs are twice as likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse alters chemicals in the brain, which exacerbates depression or contributes to the development of depressive symptoms that were not present before. An integrated approach to dual diagnosis treatment for depression and addiction is essential to alleviate depressive symptoms while eliminating substance abuse.

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