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When individuals become dependent on drinking alcohol or using substances, it can lead to serious health problems. Along with these health issues, it can also become near impossible for them to end their drinking or using on their own. A drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is ideal for those looking to break free from their addiction.

However, before they can begin their program, they must begin at a drug and alcohol detox center. The Lakeview Health team in Jacksonville, Florida, wants you to understand the importance of professional detox rather than attempting the process on your own. Our Florida medical detox center offers the care and support necessary to keep you both comfortable and safe as you begin your recovery journey.

Do I Need a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center?


Whether it’s your own substance use that’s getting out of hand, or you’re concerned about the drinking habits of a loved one, there are certain signs of addiction that can indicate help is necessary. These signs will indicate that you’re not only abusing drugs or alcohol, but also that you are forming an addiction to the substance. 

If you are worried that you or someone close to you is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the following questions are a good place to start:

If you or a loved one are displaying these signs, it’s time to seek out professional help. For those in the Jacksonville area, a substance abuse treatment center in Florida such as Lakeview Health can provide you with a full continuum of care you need to recover and heal from addiction, starting with detox.

Is Withdrawal From Drugs and Alcohol Dangerous?


One of the most common misconceptions surrounding addiction is that individuals can quit drinking on their own. They feel as though they have complete control over their drinking and that stopping is no issue. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is professional help necessary during an addiction treatment program, but detoxing alone from drugs and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. This is because of the withdrawal symptoms individuals can experience.

Withdrawal symptoms will, of course, depend upon the substance to which an individual is addicted. While some symptoms are merely uncomfortable, they can still distract from the goals of recovery. Experiencing these symptoms can lead to cravings and can cause individuals to relapse. More harmful symptoms can cause serious health issues if they occur without medical supervision. To keep yourself safe during withdrawal, it’s vital to turn to the help of a drug and alcohol detox center.


What Is a Detox Center?


Prolonged abuse of alcohol and drugs leads to significant changes in your mind and body. Your brain adapts to the presence of these substances and compensates by altering the delicate balance of neurotransmitters, which is your brain’s internal messaging system. Neurotransmitters are related to the messaging for pleasure, pain, reward, and mood. At the same time, your internal organs work overtime to process the toxic chemicals, and your musculoskeletal system responds to the changes in your brain chemistry, sending your entire system out of balance. Once your body and brain have gone through these changes, a detox center may be the only safe way to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Our Lakeview Health medical detox center in Jacksonville, Florida, provides custom-designed, physician-approved medical detox procedures supervised around the clock by medical professionals dedicated to your recovery. Our board-certified doctors and nurses provide immediate treatment if problems arise, administer therapies and medications to alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms and collaborate with therapists to form the first stages of your long-term, personalized recovery plan.


What Are the Benefits of a Detox Center?


It is a daunting task to end drug and alcohol abuse on your own. Please remember that addiction doesn’t have to be something that happens behind closed doors. Instead of risking your safety and wellbeing by detoxing alone at home, it is in your best interests to seek treatment at a detox center in Florida, such as Lakeview Health in Jacksonville.

But, you may wonder what makes addiction treatment at a detox center so effective. Some of the benefits of a drug and alcohol detox center include:

You will be under the careful supervision of medical professionals. They can monitor your progress, track your health, and administer medications if the need arises. These medications will help reduce any risks to your health and keep you as comfortable as possible during detox.

You receive words of encouragement and ongoing support from staff to help you stay focused on your goals and recovery. Our difference makers become personally invested in your recovery and are there for you when needed.

You form bonds with the other patients who are also going through the detox process. Not only do these people understand your situation, but they can also become members of your support system as you progress through recovery.

You start to feel better physically, which will allow you to fully embrace the mental and spiritual aspects of recovery.

You regain a clear perspective of life. Once the chemicals from drugs and alcohol are out of your system, your mind can see things clearly without the distortion of drug or alcohol use.

Once detox is complete, you are able to then turn your attention to the rest of your treatment plan.

Drug and Alcohol Detox at Lakeview Health


One of the main reasons that it is essential to undergo drug and alcohol detoxification under medical supervision is that the body reacts differently to each substance as it leaves the body. This means, among other things, that the withdrawal symptoms for different substances are all different, and therefore must be managed in different ways. To this end, the detox specialists at Lakeview Health have separated our programs by substance. Our detox programs include, but are not limited to:

What Happens After Detox?


Once you have gone through detox, you are ready to enter one of our addiction treatment programs. You work with our team of difference makers to determine which programs would be the best fit for you.

After going through detox at our facility, we offer the following programs for clients:

We also provide family programs to help your loved ones heal from addiction as well. Addiction has a broad reach and affects everyone that surrounds you. Our family programs provide the necessary resources and support for loved ones to mend their relationships and reach a place of support, forgiveness, and understanding.


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Lakeview Health is ready to help you overcome addiction for good.

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