What to Expect at Rehab – Arriving At Lakeview Health

It is common to wonder what to expect at rehab. At Lakeview Health, we understand that when you first arrive at our rehab center you may be feeling uncomfortable, anxious or even resistant to treatment. We will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before you begin your treatment, our doctors, nurses and therapists will thoroughly evaluate and assess your condition, so they can begin to create your individualized treatment plan.

7-step standard assessment when you arrive includes:

  1. Pre-admissions screening
    The assessment process begins before you arrive at Lakeview Health. An intake specialist will gather information by phone, including medical, social, psychological and substance abuse history.
  2. Admissions exam
    When you arrive at Lakeview, a nurse will perform a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental status; review your medical, psychiatric and addiction history and call the physician for admission orders and medication.
  3. HIV-risk screening
    This is performed for every patient.
  4. Medical history and physical
    After we have all the preliminary information about your health, history and substance abuse, a member of the medical staff will gather a complete medical history and perform a physical exam.
  5. Psychiatric evaluation and chemical dependency evaluation
    A member of the medical team will evaluate your mental and emotional health, and assess your addiction.
  6. Psychosocial evaluation
    A therapist will meet with you to get a clearer perspective on your background, substance abuse history and goals for treatment.
  7. Patient orientation
    Within 24 hours of admission, we’ll give you a tour of the facility, an overview of the patient handbook, and answer your questions about your treatment.

Throughout your treatment, our staff will continue to monitor your physical and emotional health and address any unfavorable changes in rapid-response team mode.

Now that you are up to speed on what to expect at rehab, please read about what to bring to rehab. Also, to expedite your processing, please use our online health insurance verification or take a look at a list of eligible rehab insurance.

Note to Family & Friends

After your loved one enters our program, please know you can leave messages for them by calling 904.899.4500.