What to expect at rehab

Arriving At Lakeview Health: What To Expect

We understand that when you arrive at rehab, you may feel anxious, uncomfortable, or perhaps even resistant to treatment. Please know none of these feelings are unusual – almost everyone has some level of trepidation before they enter treatment. It’s a big step. It might be one of the most significant events in your life. We want you to know we’re prepared for you, whatever state you arrive in, and we’re experienced in helping all our patients make the transition to rehab as smooth as possible.

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Before you begin your treatment, our doctors, nurses, and therapists will thoroughly evaluate and assess your condition, so they can begin to create your individualized treatment plan.

7-Step Standard Assessment

Before you begin treatment, our doctors, nurses, and therapists evaluate your current condition so they can get to work on your individualized treatment plan. Here’s a description of the entire process:

  1. Pre-Admissions Screening

    This happens before you arrive. An intake specialist collects all relevant information for your treatment over the phone. Review the pre-admission screening process if you have any questions.

  2. Admissions Exam

    A nurse performs a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental status. The assessment includes a full review of your medical, psychiatric and addiction history. The nurse contacts our on-duty physician for admission orders and prescription medication if needed.

  3. HIV-Risk Screening

    This is standard practice for any patient entering treatment at Lakeview Health.

  4. Medical History and Physical

    Once we have preliminary information about your health and substance use history, a member of our medical staff gathers a complete medical history and performs a physical exam.

  5. Psychiatric Evaluation and Chemical Dependency Evaluation

    A member of our medical team evaluates your psychiatric (mental and emotional) health and assesses your addiction.

  6. Psychosocial Evaluation

    You meet with a therapist to provide a first-hand perspective on your background, substance use history, and personal goals for treatment.

  7. Patient Orientation

    Within 24 hours of admission, you tour the facility, get an overview of the patient handbook, and have the opportunity to ask any further questions about your upcoming treatment.

During your time at Lakeview Health, we monitor your physical and emotional health and address any changes that require medical or psychiatric attention. In extreme cases, our rapid-response team is ready to act immediately.

 Now that you know what to expect when you arrive at Lakeview Health, please take the next step and review what to bring when you arrive.

Note to Family & Friends

After your loved one enters our program, please know you can leave messages for them by calling 904.899.4500.

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