Alumni Recovery Support Services

Your recovery continues after you leave Lakeview Health. Staying sober in the long run can be challenging, and having the support of professionals and fellow recovering addicts goes a long way to help. We offer comprehensive support to help you manage your recovery and stay connected with your peers from Lakeview Health.

If you're a Lakeview graduate, we encourage you to join the Alumni Program now.

Angela's Story: Lakeview Health Alumni

Recovery Management

To help support your recovery, we provide:

  • Phone follow-ups from our alumni support team
  • Monthly recovery activities, which often include family and friends
  • A monthly support group in Jacksonville
  • Al-anon meetings available at 3:30 pm on Wednesdays
  • Email communications
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Recognition of your birthday and sober day
  • Family Program

We can also help you locate 12-step meetings in your area.

Alumni Community

To help Lakeview alumni share their experiences, challenges and inspiration, we offer events throughout the year. Check out our calendar for what’s coming up. We also invite alumni to keep in touch on our Facebook page.

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program connects newly discharged patients with recovering alumni. Buddies provide support and encouragement to patients while they adjust to sober living and connect with local support groups.

If you're interested in becoming a buddy, contact Ami Brantley at 904-855-4369 or email her at to learn more about the qualifications and responsibilities.

Alumni Family Program

Family relationships are an essential part of ongoing recovery. Our Alumni Family Program provides additional support and guidance to families of recovering Lakeview Health patients, so they can continue to heal and support their loved one's recovery.

The Alumni Family Program includes:

  • Guidance and support from the Alumni Department
  • Educational information on addiction and recovery
  • Introduction to family 12-step programs including Al-Anon and Nar-Anon
  • Opportunities to connect with other alumni families
  • Ongoing emails about recovery news, addiction research, alumni events and success stories

Whether or not your loved one completes the full treatment at Lakeview Health, you can participate in the program. To learn more or join, contact Ami Brantley at 904-855-4369 or email her at

Alumni Support Team

Ami Brantley - Alumni Coordinator

Ami Gilland
Ami Brantley

Ami Brantley is a Lakeview alumna herself. She began as a volunteer from the Alumni Program and is now an invaluable member of our staff. Her educational background is in growth and development, and she has extensive experience in customer service and program planning. Ami identifies strongly with the recovery community and enjoys helping others learn how to live substance-free lives. Ami meets with all patients before discharge to welcome them to the Alumni Program. Alumni can connect with Ami on her Facebook page.

Lakeview Health is a proud member of Treatment Professionals Alumni Services (TPAS).

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