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Recovery Coaching Comes to Lakeview Health
While attending Connecticut Community Addiction Recovery (CCAR) training, I learned many invaluable skills that will support the clinical team at Lakeview. The role of recovery coach is unique in itself.

Friends & Family Dinner Hits Record Numbers
On Wednesday, August 28, Lakeview Health and Stepping Stone hosted a dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jacksonville. We welcomed more than 200 alumni, friends, family, staff and people from the local recovery community.

Lakeview Alumni Newsletter September 2013: Having Fun in Recovery
I remember how scared I was when I first got clean and sober. I could not imagine my life without a drink or a drug to get through the day. I thought that drinking and drugging was fun when it had not been fun for years.

Lakeview Alumni Newsletter August 2013: Fear of Change
Fear is a common reason why people resist change and it can stop you from taking any action. As a byproduct, you can experience anxiety, self-doubt and guilt. While some anxiety can be useful to help motivate us to change, it can severely limit us.

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Recovery
What an exciting year 2012 has been and it seemed to fly by. I tried something different this past year: Instead of writing out New Year’s resolutions, I wrote out what I wanted to see happen in 2012 and put it in an envelope and stuck it in the drawer.

Switching Addictions
Fall is marked with a change in temperature as we watch the leaves change to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. Just as the season is changing, so are we in our path of recovery.

Life After Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Summer is here! That means longer days and more time spent outside. Summer is the time of year for fun, sun, beaches, barbecues, holidays and vacations. In recovery, especially early recovery, summer can also be a major trigger for relapse.

How To Help Someone Who Is in Need of Treatment!
It is spring! A glorious time of the year when life is renewed witnessed by the birth of baby animals, blooming plants and the return of migrating birds. With spring comes a new energy – a life renewing energy. It is time to celebrate life and our ability to continue to reinvent ourselves in recovery.

Has it Been a Year of Growth?
With the start of each New Year we are presented with opportunities. Starting the New Year sober and clean is gift that goes beyond you. It is a gift to both your family and friends. Each day clean and sober affords an opportunity to create the life you dreamed of — now you can make it happen.

Recovery From Addiction Requires Change
Recovery from any addiction requires personal change. It is impossible to change and do what you have done in the past and expect a different outcome. The clinical definition of addiction is a “compulsive repetition of a known behavior with adverse consequences”.

Celebrate This Summer Season
Summer is a wonderful season. It is another chance to create a fresh start. In 12-Step programs, there is an expression: “You can start your day over at anytime.”Well, isn’t that expression applicable to our daily lives?

Time for a Change
Prior to recovery from drugs and alcohol, I had no idea it was possible to change. I did not know that I had a choice or that the choices I was making caused the problems in my life.I blamed people, circumstances, anything so that I was not responsible.

How to Maintain Recovery in the New Year
The courage to change for the better can be summed up with the acronym “H.O.W.” Honesty. Open-mindedness. Willingness. In treatment you took an honest look at your behaviors, choices and thinking led you down a destructive path.