5 Harmful Myths About Addiction

woman pondering harmful myths about addiction

5 Harmful Myths About Addiction

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: October 30, 2020

Addiction is a complex process. Addiction treatment professionals have the requisite knowledge to understand this. But what of the common man? Your guess is as good as the facts. Many people do not know what addiction is. As a result, they easily believe in popular but harmful addiction myths. Believing in these myths has adverse consequences. The harmful myths of addiction can prevent a victim from seeking treatment. The myths also fuel the stigma that surrounds addiction victims. There is a need to debunk these myths for the fight against addiction to be successful. Contact Lakeview Health for more information on addiction myths.

Myths surrounding addiction vary depending on society’s cultural practices and beliefs. However, some harmful addiction myths are common. 

Drug Addiction is Voluntary

It is true that people start doing drugs voluntarily in most cases. Individuals begin as occasional users, but as time passes, they change to become compulsive users. This is because drug use changes the composition of the brain over time. The changes result in the compulsive need to use drugs. Drug addiction is therefore, not a voluntary decision. So, people should not think that victims are victims of choice.

Drug Addiction is a Character Flaw

Some people believe that addiction is not a health concern. They consider addiction to be a character flaw. But this is not the case. Addiction is a brain disease, and each drug will affect the brain differently. But the effects of these drugs are almost similar. The effects lead to changes in a person’s behavior. That is why victims may display irrational tendencies such as inexplicable outbursts. Addiction is not a character flaw. But it can affect a person’s character adversely.

Treatment for Drug Addiction is a One-Time Event

Addiction is a chronic disorder. It takes time to develop and so its treatment cannot be a one-time affair. The first step in treating addiction is to enroll in a drug detox program. After that, you can go through the treatment process. The treatment does not stop there. You will need to go through an aftercare program to make sure they maintain their sobriety.

It is a fallacy to expect people to recover from addiction just by going cold turkey. A one-time treatment for addiction does not exist.

You Must Want Drug Treatment for it to Work

Most substance use patients never seek treatment voluntarily. They do it because of their loved ones or as a legal requirement. Research shows that people who enter rehab, where they face a lot of pressure to overcome their addiction, perform better. It does not matter whether they came for treatment voluntarily or not.

Treatment for Addiction Is Expensive

People believe rehab services are expensive and therefore, inaccessible. They believe these facilities can only serve the rich. This is not the case. Rehab facilities offer their services at varying rates. There is always a facility that will be within your budget. Besides, insurance verification services make the treatment accessible to many.

Combat Harmful Addiction Myths and Find Treatment at Lakeview Health

The following modules are available for addiction treatment:

There are many addiction myths. Do not let them deter you from accessing treatment. Contact Lakeview Health today at 866.704.7692. We will help you debunk some of the harmful addiction myths. We will also treat you for any form of addiction.