5 Ways to Stay Sober and Safe This New Year’s

5 Ways to Stay Sober and Safe This New Year’s

The disease of addiction is always waiting to strike. Be prepared to stay sober and safe this holiday. The temptation is all around us every single day, but the holiday time can feel much worse for most of you. Many of you have lost loved ones, have unresolved relationship problems or are just feel lonely during the holidays. No matter what you may face, it is important to stay flexible about plans, people, and places. But one thing you should not be flexible about is your recovery program and remaining clean and sober this holiday season. Know how to respond to:

  • What is expected?
    • This relates to what you know will happen. Where you will be, who you will be with, time constraints and attire.
  • What is unexpected?
    • This relates to things that may come up that are out of your control. One technique that you may use for the unexpected and how to determine what to do is the Serenity Prayer.

5 Ways to Stay Sober

Don’t get caught off guard! Have an action plan for combating cravings and temptations to use drugs and alcohol during New Year’s Eve. Here are five ways to stay sober but see if you can add to this list.

  1. Stay accountable– Have a contact plan with your sponsor or other sober supports.
  2. Don’t stop your routines– Keep you routine up even through the holiday. Chaos is the hallmark of addiction.
  3. Hang out with sober supports/friends– “Birds of a feather flock together” is the statement that would apply to this coping skill.
  4. Make healthy decisions– Keep you side of the street clean. Double check your decisions with someone you trust when you are unsure.
  5. Stay aware– Never take your recovery for granted. You worked hard getting clean and sober. Now protect it like you would protect a newborn baby.

This is a good list that you can follow, but personalize our suggestions to fit your specific needs. Check out our alumni department website and see what events and meetings Lakeview Health is offering to help you stay sober through the New Year.

Already Relapsed?

Have you already fallen off the wagon? We can help you pick up the pieces and get back on. The holiday time is not easy and for many it is the most tempting time of year. Don’t keep using drugs and alcohol. It’s not fair to those who love you that you choose that path. Going to an addiction treatment center to start the New Year fresh is an excellent choice. Lakeview Health is here to help you get started. All you have to do is call us at 888.529.7180 and we will help you get into our program today!