5 Ways To Support Someone Through Detox

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: October 28, 2020

Detoxification can be a long and painful process, with many often facing alcohol withdrawal symptoms like fever, anxiety, mood swings, and joint pains. It can be both physically and emotionally draining for patients. Supporting someone through detox can make it more bearable for them. Educating yourself with drug detox FAQs can be crucial, so you know what to expect during detox and addiction treatment.

Ways to support your friend or family through detox

1) Create A Positive Environment

Providing a safe space for them to come to goes a long way. Affirming them will help boost their confidence and motivate them to see the process through. You could also consider making changes to support their sobriety. This could further help to create a positive environment. Some of these adjustments are such as:

  • Getting rid of all addictive substances from the house
  • Avoid attending social gatherings where substance abuse might take place
  • Creating a list of activities that you can do together to foster sobriety
  • Encouraging them to develop friendships with sober friends

2) Be Present

For your loved one in detox, the first days are the most difficult. Taking some time off work to be with them, support and take care of them shows that you care. Being by their bedside when they can’t sleep, dabbing their foreheads with a wet towel when they are running a fever, or making sure they eat are effective ways to help them get through it. Being present during the process knows they have the support they need. This helps to minimize the temptation of substances to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

3) Be Patient And Kind To Them

Understand that your loved one could be experiencing anxiety and fear. The uncertainty of living without the substance they were abusing, coupled with several withdrawal symptoms, is likely to make them irritable. Be patient with them and try not to take it personally. Giving them an outlet to let out their frustrations helps to ease the built-up tension and anxiety and is another way of offering detox support.

It is essential to be kind to yourself too. Reach out to friends and seek therapy. Give yourself time to adjust. Running yourself to the ground will only derail the recovery process. Remember that recovery is a process that takes time and relapsing is a possibility. Creating unrealistic goals and expectations will only result in unnecessary pressure on your loved one and disappointment for you.

4) Get Involved

Taking advantage of some of the available family programs is a massive way of supporting someone through detox. You could try going to family therapy, forging stronger, healthier relationships. During treatment, avoid judging them as they air out their grievances. Keep in mind that therapy is a place of honesty, openness, and understanding. Take time to listen to them and dedicate yourself to making the necessary adjustments as per their recovery needs. Having a healthy detox support system helps them handle the process better.

5) Remain Committed Even After Detox

Keep the effort you showed your loved one in detox continuous throughout the rest of their recovery. Take part in aftercare activities and monitor how they are coping and adjusting to their new life. Continued attendance of family therapy is an effective way to keep track of your loved ones’ progress. While staying on top of things is recommended, remember to give them space when they need it. Showing that you trust them to maintain their sobriety on their own is another way to show support.

Learn About Supporting Someone Through Detox through Lakeview Health 

At Lakeview Health, we create a safe and secure environment which goes a long way in helping your loved one achieve lasting recovery. We understand how vital supporting someone through detox is. Some of the detox programs we have available are:

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  • Cocaine detox programs
  • Heroin detox programs

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