Addiction From The Drug Store to the Streets

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May 23, 2011

Addiction From The Drug Store to the Streets


According to the National Treatment Agency of Substance Abuse, over 32,000 individuals sought out treatment for prescription medication from 2009-2010. And out of that, only 11 percent believe their problem is solely prescription drugs. The vast majority of individuals who abuse prescription medication also abuse illegal drugs. In many cases individuals report that their addiction started with prescription pills but then found it more cost effective to use illegal drugs as it can be easier and cheaper to support that habit.

Once addicted to prescription painkillers or illegal street drugs it is likely to be both physiologically and psychologically addictive. Psychologically one will likely not be able to function mentally without drugs in their system and physiologically it is not uncommon to experience physical withdrawals. The combination between the two makes it very difficult to get clean and sober without professional help of some sort.

Addiction treatment will treat both the physiological and psychological aspects of addiction. Through a medically supervised detoxification clients at an addiction treatment center will be able to comfortably get rid of all the toxins that are caused by drug abuse. The psychological aspects of the disease are addressed in various forms of individual and group therapy sessions. In addition to therapy addiction professionals will put together a catered aftercare plan for each client to follow to give them the best chance at achieving long term sobriety. Without professional treatment overcoming addiction is going to be a slippery slope.

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