Addiction Fund in DJ AM’s Name

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June 01, 2012


Addiction Fund to be in DJ AM’s Name

DJ AM had 11 years sober in recovery, was an accomplished disc jockey, and had a show ready to air on MTV helping addicts. After relapsing on August 25, 2009 in his New York apartment, DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein passed away. Police found him unresponsive on the floor surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Some speculate that his new show may have triggered his disease of addiction which had been in remission. Others report that after a plane crash he had suffered from physical pain and was traumatized, requiring pain medicine and benzodiazepines, which reignited his addiction. Whatever led to DJ AM’s death, one very important lesson is taught: Addiction lays dormant but never really goes away.
The DJ AM memorial fund will be introduced at the Eighth Annual Music Cares Map Fund Benefit Concert. His mother, Andrea Gross, has developed this fund specifically to help other musicians that struggle with addiction. Her son was a well known member of the recovery community. His life story touched many addicts helping them find the courage to end substance abuse. This fund will help continue DJ AM’s recovery work beyond the grave.
Addiction is a deadly disease. Many people who are not addicts may think that once an addict stops using they are cured. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The truth is that addiction lies sleeping, like a hunting lion, waiting for the moment of opportunity to strike. The disease of addiction is patient and may even stay asleep for 11 years, like with DJ AM. The fund for musicians will be a great way to shed light on addiction, recovery and relapse.

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