Addiction Treatment Offers the Final Product

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October 18, 2010

Addiction Treatment Offers the Final Product


It is not uncommon for individuals who struggle with an opiate addiction whether it is prescription drugs or heroin to try to get their addiction under control through the use of drugs such as Suboxone or methadone. While Suboxone and methadone treatment may work for some people for the vast majority of individuals struggling with addiction a Suboxone or methadone program is just a substitute to their opiate addiction. In fact it is very common for individuals to wind up in addiction treatment for Suboxone or methadone.

For those who suffer from opiate addiction the best way to overcome it is to go through addiction treatment. Addiction treatment will work with their clients on not just stopping their addiction but also acknowledging the underlying issues that are likely to be causing their addictions. For some these issues may be a traumatic event that was experienced, a death that was never properly dealt with, social anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder… In order to put an end to addiction it is pertinent to find out and address the issues causing an addiction.

Everyone who struggles with addiction is different and has unique situations that need to be dealt with. Quality addiction treatment will give each client an individual treatment plan that will give them the best chance to get and stay sober. By turning to Suboxone and methodone an individual is essentially exchanging one drug for another and not addressing past and present issues causing the addiction. In order to stop the vicious cycle of addiction life changes need to be made and addiction treatment can help make that happen.

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