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October 23, 2016

By Ami Brantley, Alumni Coordinator and Recovery Coach at the Rose of Lakeview
photo of a surf board hanging on the wall of The Rose of Lakeview

As many of you know, this summer Lakeview opened a gender responsive program for women, The Rose. The environment was specifically designed with women’s recovery in mind.  Everything from the aesthetics – the colors, the artwork, the bedrooms, the common spaces, to the therapy rooms and curriculum — merge to support comfort, healing, and growth.
photo of the Oakleaf CafeUnderstandably, most women who begin their journey of recovery can be fearful of change. As a woman in recovery, I understand the challenges and barriers that often emerge for women seeking treatment. Every day I have the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope with women at the Rose. I am able to relate with the women and guide them on their road to sobriety and support them through difficulties such as being away from their family, especially their children. The Rose helps to ease women’s fears by welcoming them into a calm, safe place where they are greeted by staff and peers who all share a common goal — wellness.
Addiction Treatment With Women In Mind 3From my perspective as a Recovery Coach here at the Rose, I have the opportunity to witness how an all-female community supports and encourages one another through sharing their own stories and being able to get honest and be vulnerable with one another.  There is less distraction and the focus is clearly on one’s self.  Our patients work with amazing staff who are trained in the specific needs of women. I have witnessed, heard, and felt the many positive changes within the women here at the Rose. Lifetime friendships are created and a network of support is founded. Women blossom and not just find themselves, but create themselves through therapy and holistic activities.  They discover a world of possibilities through learning, self-confidence, and comradery.

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