Common Drugs Addressed in Christian Addiction Treatment

Common Drugs Addressed in Christian Addiction Treatment

By Lakeview Health
Lakeview Health
Published: November 10, 2012

Making the Wrong Choice

Matthew 26:4 from the Life Recovery Bible states, “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” As Christians, we understand how to behave in a way which is pleasing to God. He understands that we are human and will not always make the right choices. We are constantly tempted and looking for people, places and things instead of God’s love to fill voids. Christians who use substance abuse to fill voids in their lives are risking physical, psychological and spiritual damage.

Common substances addressed in Christian addiction treatment are:

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines addiction as “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.” Physical and psychological functions become infected by substance abuse, causing damage. The addict’s body is unable to function normally, which creates the need for continued use. Once addicted, you become uncomfortably sick if you don’t continue abusing substances. This physical indicator requires medical intervention at a Christian addiction treatment program.

Identifying Addiction

There are behaviors common to all addicts who are attempting to hide their addiction. Family and friends of addicts often report changes they see in an individuals’ behavior over time due to substance abuse. At first, addiction may not be noticeable due to the secrecy involved. As temptation to abuse substances becomes stronger, it is harder for an addict to hide his or her addiction.

The 5 specific characteristics of addiction according to the ASAM are:

  1. Inability to consistently abstain from using
  2. Impairment in behavioral control
  3. Cravings
  4. Diminished recognition of significant problems
  5. A dysfunctional emotional response

Denial of problems and moodiness are the addiction symptoms most commonly visible to others. Occupational issues, dropping out of school, stopping church related activities, ceasing prayer, marital or relationship discord and the neglect of physical health are just a few of the problems that develop for an addict. An addict will continue using despite these problems because of the trouble abstaining, impairment in behavioral control and cravings.

Stopping Addiction

Getting help begins with entering residential drug rehab, which has an inpatient detox component. Christian drug treatment addresses the above physical and psychological issues from a faith-based perspective. Call a Lakeview Health Systems addiction specialist now at 866.704.7692 to get yourself or your loved one into Christian drug rehab today. Our trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can walk you through the admissions process.