Under The Influence of Alcohol at Work?

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November 08, 2012

Many people are struggling and under the influence of alcohol at work, despite knowing that it will jeopardize their employment, not to mention their families well being? Whether they keep a bottle of vodka in their desk drawer or have a schedule to take pills, their life revolves around substance use disorder. They’re willing to risk it all in an effort to avoid the pain of not using and a fear of losing their job. Although many new trendy employers are allowing the consumption of alcohol at work, the majority of professional organizations do not allow it. If you are avoiding seeking treatment, you should know your rights as an employee: you can get help without risking your career.

Alcohol and Drug Use During Work Hours

You have the perfect job, a great family and you feel like your life is going well for the most part. You have one secret though – you are an alcoholic that drinks alcohol at work. You’re drinking in the morning to keep your blood alcohol at a level that will allow you to function normally. Essentially living a double life – work and home.

Perhaps you watch the clock at work as you feel the effects of prescription pills leave your system, anticipating your next fix. That makes you irritable, on edge and unpleasant. As soon as you are able to get your fix, you immediately start to feel better emotionally and soon the physical sensations take place.

But your work, family and friends suffer because of your substance abuse. The pressure of possibly losing your job if someone should find out your secret fuels your use.

Characteristics of Using at Work:

  • Procrastination
  • Chronic lateness
  • Low productivity
  • Ignoring responsibilities
  • Multiple absences
  • Mood swings

These characteristics will continue to spiral out of control if you don’t receive addiction treatment. Going to alcohol and drug abuse treatment without losing your job is dependent on when you decide to get help.

Get Help and Keep Your Job

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 states that an employee is entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from employment in the event that he or she has a serious medical condition. You’ll have to confirm with your place of employment about other qualifications. Alcohol and drug addiction are considered diagnosable medical disorders and require medical intervention through detox.

Lakeview Health’s admission staff can give you more information about entering our substance abuse program under FMLA. This should offer relief when you are considering entering drug rehab for treatment. You should not be punished by your employer if you are getting help to prevent consequences.

You might be asking yourself, “will I lose my job if I go to rehab?” Don’t let the fear of losing your job prevent you from going to treatment. Call us today and start the treatment process. We know how important it is for you to have a job when you return home.


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