Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Need the Attention of Detox

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June 13, 2011

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Need the Attention of Detox


Detoxification from alcohol abuse can be dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are experienced by individuals who are addicted to alcohol and stop drinking suddenly.  With proper medical treatment and medically monitored detoxification, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be made manageable.  Finding an alcohol rehab that provides the best treatment is crucial. Without professional help detoxification from alcohol can be dangerous and potentially lead to seizures and heart attacks.

All people who struggle with alcohol abuse do not experience the same withdrawal symptoms.   Some symptoms that should be expected by any alcoholic who suddenly stops drinking are tremors, anxiety, sweats, headaches, muscle cramps, seizures, cold and hot flashes, nausea, insomnia,

With a protocol that is designed by medical professionals working in a detox can help to manage the above symptoms can be managed and minimized with a protocol designed by trained medical professionals that work in a detoxification facility.  Quality alcohol treatment and detoxification facilities have medical professionals on site 24 hours a day to monitor its client’s progress and change the protocol whenever necessary.

The chances of staying sober after detoxification are very slim if it is not followed by alcohol rehab.  People commonly think that after detoxification and after withdrawal symptoms are gone they will be able to manage their cravings to abuse alcohol.  Unfortunately, self will and determination will not be enough to remain abstinent from alcohol.  The overwhelming majority of people who do not to participate in an alcohol rehab after detoxification relapse and commonly drink more than they ever have.

Alcohol detox is not the same as alcohol rehab or treatment.  The purpose of alcohol detox is to safely remove the toxins from a body that are a result of chronic alcohol abuse.  Alcohol rehab will work on the psychological aspect of an individual’s alcoholism through individual and group therapy led by psychiatrists and certified addiction professionals.

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