Alcoholic Elephants!?

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November 30, 2012

alcoholic elephants

What’s Got Him So Worked Up?

Elephants went on a drunken rampage in an Indian village, destroying all in their path. It turns out that maybe elephants have a special taste for alcohol. Elephants charged into the village from the forest when they could smell a sweet alcoholic drink made from the local mahua trees. Clearly, their sense of smell is a superior one. While I don’t believe that these elephants were looking for a next fix, maybe their behavior can teach us more about human instinct.
It seems that even an animal’s instinct to search out what tastes good to them will mean anything in their path gets destroyed. Of course we are talking about wild animals here, but I bet we could relate an addict’s behavior to this concept. When you want to drink or use drugs, you will typically find or make a way. No matter who or what may stand in your path you are like a wild charging elephant. The motto of an addict is “if it feels good – do it more.” Well, these elephants liked their sweet flowers, which packed a powerful sedative effect. Unfortunately, the alcohol content was not enough to sedate these elephants before they wreaked some havoc.
Even though I am in recovery now, I sometimes look like a wild charging elephant. I want, what I want, when I want it. Yes, the ‘king baby concept’ applies to more than just drug and alcohol addiction. We must take a look at how we are presenting ourselves and what we are chasing in life. Will the next object of your pleasure cause destruction when you are on your way to get it? That’s a good question for us to think about.
Tell us when you or someone you knew just charged through, not caring about what they destroyed along the way? Share your comments below or with us on our Facebook page.

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