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Alumni Giving Back: Volunteer Integration Program

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Published: October 25, 2016

By Ami Brantley, Alumni Support Coordinator and Recovery Coach There are many ways to give back what has been given to you in sobriety. We believe that service work is a huge part of working a healthy program. The Alumni Recovery Support Coordinators prepared and presented the leadership team with a concept that would allow select alumni to come back and have a direct influence on our patients. Our vision became a reality when we held our first training in the Servant Leadership Conference room November of 2015. Interested local alumni completed an application highlighting their recovery journey and motivation for participation. References were required for vetting alumni to become a trained volunteer. Training consists of a review of Lakeview Health policies, Importance of Boundaries, and the role and responsibilities of an Alumni Volunteer. This important role includes co-facilitating Recovery Coaching groups, assisting with AMA interventions, attending experiential groups, providing motivational support, sharing about their experience in the recovery process, increasing connections to the recovery community, promoting alumni events and speaking to patients and loved ones in our family program. We hosted our 2nd Volunteer Training October 2016 adding 6 more alumni to our volunteer team. The continued support of our alumni is proving to have a direct benefit to them and the newcomers they are engaging with. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact us at, or

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