When You are Wondering, Am I Bulimic?

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When You are Wondering, Am I Bulimic?

An addictive personality can manifest in a variety of ways. Lakeview Health is the mental health treatment center that Jacksonville FL residents turn to when they need help dealing with addiction issues, especially when those issues coincide with mental health needs. If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or you are wondering, “Am I bulimic?”, it’s time to get the help you deserve and figure out what to do next. And if addiction to drugs or alcohol is present, you need support to break the cycle of addiction.

Answering the question, “Am I Bulimic?”

Bulimia nervosa most often involves binging on food and then purging it through self-induced vomiting. Many sufferers of bulimia turn to these behaviors as a way of exercising control over their lives and their bodies when they feel that everything else is out of control. Some of the specific behaviors of those struggling with this eating disorder include:

  • Eating a large quantity of food in an hour or two, much larger than what would be expected
  • Having little or no control over the amount of food consumed at a given time
  • Feelings of remorse after binging, following by purging the food
  • Misusing diuretics or other medications to lose weight, fasting, or excessive exercising
  • Self-evaluation of body shape and size is not accurate

If you are asking, “Am I bulimic?”, chances are high that you already know the answer. Making yourself throw up because you are afraid of getting fat, or because you feel guilty about having eaten, is not healthy for you. People with eating disorders require professional treatment to break free from their addiction to controlling their weight and body size. Bulimia can be deadly for those who do not get the treatment they need to stop their destructive behavior.

Recognizing Symptoms of an Eating Disorder in Others

If you are concerned about a friend or relative, and wondering if they have an eating disorder, you might be able to observe some signs that things are not as they should be. You might see fluctuations in their weight, or notice that they go to the bathroom after every meal in order to purge. Someone with an eating disorder might start discussing weight loss frequently or out of the blue, might try fad diets, or might express disgust at others who are overweight. Additionally, they might wear big, baggy clothes to hide the size of their body. Physically speaking, sufferers of eating disorders are often cold and have dry, brittle nails and hair.

When you are concerned about the health and well-being of a person you believe has an eating disorder, it’s important to speak out. Eating disorders often afflict teenagers, and if the individual is your child, you need to seek help on their behalf to protect their overall health in the future. It is dangerous to binge and purge food, and can lead to lifelong health problems if not addressed early in the process.

Treatment For Bulimia

Treating eating disorders requires a systematic approach. For most people with an eating disorder, the need for help is recognized too late. If you are asking yourself, “Am I bulimic?”, then you are aware that you may have a problem, and should reach out for help immediately. Treatment for an eating disorder can include:

  • Working with a counselor on emotional triggers that lead to binging and purging
  • Learning about proper nutrition and healthy exercise levels
  • Supervised eating to encourage healthy caloric intake and reduce purging episodes
  • Education about reasonable food portions and the negative health effects of binging and purging

Treatment for bulimia takes time, and an individual struggling with their self-image will take time to heal. Committing to your own recovery from bulimia is the first step on the path of healing.

Treatment For Bulimia Nervosa Now

If bulimia nervosa is ruining your health, it’s time to take your life back and get the help you deserve. Contact us today at 866.704.7692 and learn more about mental health treatment at Lakeview Health.