Anger with God: I Am Not In Control

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February 01, 2013

Have you ever had such a painful event occur in your life that you didn’t even want to drink alcohol? It’s funny how anger with God can trump self-destructive behavior. Watching something occur that you can’t change or control brings up the feeling of helplessness and depression. You have been taught to trust God and that everything happens for a reason. This method worked for you as you completed a Christian alcohol rehab, but when it’s something that is outside of yourself you struggle with faith.
Using alcohol offered fun times, which quickly brought remorse after you did things you knew you shouldn’t. Although you were powerless over your alcohol use, you were able to choose to do something different as a Christian. Alcohol rehab became the place where you reconnected with God and eliminated addiction. How can you reconnect now when you blame Him for feeling helpless and depressed about events that are occurring now in your life?
God is faithful and although you may not be able to immediately see why things are happening, He will work everything out for your good and His ultimate benefit. Just like attending Christian alcohol rehab was the right idea, God knows better than you what His children need to be successful in sobriety. These types of trials that make you feel helpless and depressed are building you to be stronger in faith and recovery.
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