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Are Addiction Treatment Centers Open?

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man wonders are addiction treatment centers open during covid-19


Published: August 25, 2020
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As COVID-19 continues to affect many businesses in the United States, there are so many uncertainties around what we can and can’t do right now. Every day brings about new findings, changed protocols and guidelines, and revised timelines for openings and closings. Because of reservations around travel, questioning if it’s safe to go to a restaurant and heightened uncertainties around employment, many states and cities are seeing an increase in substance use for alcohol and drugs.

At Lakeview Health, we want to assure you we are open and fully prepared to help patients who are seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol use disorder. We stayed open when the first wave of coronavirus hit the states and our well-established testing protocols will allow us to stay open through the duration of the pandemic.

“During these unprecedented times, it is crucial that our facility remains a safe place for those seeking treatment. We have seen drastic increases in overdose rates, alcohol consumption, and rates of depression and anxiety. I want to assure patients and their families that we are taking every precaution necessary to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to ensure our facility stays a trustworthy and open space for you,” states Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lantie Jorandby. /

Why you Shouldn’t let Coronavirus Stop you from Getting Treatment:

  • You could be at a greater risk of contracting the virus. Substance abuse can potentially compromise your immune system – especially if it’s coupled with smoking. We don’t want coronavirus to be the reason you don’t seek treatment. Lakeview Health has a 24/7 on-site medical team ready to safely and comfortably detox you.
  • Detoxing on your own can be dangerous. Detoxing overall provides a lot of fear and anxiety. To detox from alcohol or drugs without medical supervision poses a greater risk of death than the coronavirus. While there are fears around traveling, detoxing under medical supervision is incredibly important. Our highly trained physicians work to make detox safe and help our patients feel comfortable to reduce the risk of relapse once you do leave treatment.
  • Addiction feeds off isolation. What better place to recover and renew yourself than a healthcare facility fully focused on getting you healthy? Our program is built around creating connection points for you. Between many types of group therapies and 1:1 time with a personal therapist, you won’t feel isolated with us.

What Lakeview Health is Doing Different from Other Treatment Facilities:

Dr. Lantie Jorandby shares, “We feel it is more crucial than ever that those seeking treatment are able to have a safe and medically sound place to get healthy. Our facilities operate with a full-time medical staff following applicable CDC infection control precautions and we are enhancing our efforts to mitigate the risk of an outbreak. We do not want COVID-19 to be the reason someone doesn’t seek treatment.”

Speedy and Accurate Testing:

We are committed to protecting our patients and potential patients during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only have we added additional screening questions, such as travel history, to our admissions process, but we have also partnered with high-quality healthcare systems in order to provide an extensive testing protocol. Every patient who enters our facility is tested for coronavirus and tests are sent to an Abbott testing facility, so we can receive the results back as quickly and accurately as possible. While we are waiting for test results, patients continue to receive our exceptional care in a comfortable resting area away from current patients. This helps us keep our entire patient population safe and healthy. 

Because we truly believe part of our treatment program must help patients be set up for success after they leave us, we are also offering patients the ability to be tested again when they leave our facility. This adds an extra layer of security, so patients feel they have the best possible chance at recovery when going back home. This extra measure gives peace of mind to our patients and their families – who are an integral part of our treatment plan.

Pre-Screening Measures:

Before patients even get to us, we want to be sure our current patient population is not at risk. So, when you come to receive treatment from us, you can rest easy knowing we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk of coronavirus entering our facility.

Our admissions team requires additional information to complete screening protocols from new patients. These screening measures include requesting recent travel history, current location, and added health history – such as recent symptoms. Patients who are currently living in hot-spot locations are also required to receive negative COVID-19 test results prior to being admitted to Lakeview.

Consistent and Attentive Care:

Addiction is not only a 9 – 5 disease, so neither is our care.

While there are anxieties around COVID-19, we know substance users have potentially compromised immune systems – especially if the substance use is coupled with smoking. Knowing our patients have compromised immune systems, we are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate support as needed. Our on-site physicians and clinical teams also work hard to ensure the detox process happens comfortably and safely for all of our patients.

Not only do we have an extensive medical and clinical team on-site 24/7, but we also have masters-level therapists helping each patient assess the root cause of their addiction. This round-the-clock care with an on-site physician provides patients and their families an extra layer of security knowing that should a medical concern arise, we’re there.

Across the board, our exceptional team is dedicated to continually offering our life-saving services to those most in need of our services during this unprecedented time.

Our Addiction Treatment is Open and Ready to Help You

When you choose a rehab facility, you’re putting your recovery into our hands. We take that responsibility seriously and are doing everything possible to mitigate the risk of coronavirus.

If you’re wondering, “Are addiction treatment centers open during this difficult time?” the answer is yes- and the center you choose should have a strong COVID-19 prevention guideline in place. Now is a great time to come to Northeast Florida and recover in beautiful weather.

At Lakeview Health, we want to allow you to put your addiction in the rearview mirror and focus on getting healthy and in recovery. We offer treatment for a wide array of substance use and alcohol addictions.

Call us today to learn more about your treatment options, contact Lakeview Health today by calling [Direct].

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