Are You Practicing Faith?

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December 27, 2012

practicing faith in recovery

Good News

Most of us intellectually have faith. We say things like “have faith,” “keep the faith,” “don’t worry God has a plan,” but do we actually practice our faith in recovery. Now I don’t mean going to church, praying, having devotions, etc. Although all of the above are good practices, I mean actually taking God at His word. If Romans 8:28 is true, then we need to apply it to all things: Health, family, work, school and relationships.
One of the hardest things to do is believe that everything happens for a reason, even the not so good events. If we go through life believing that our past defines us, then we are unable to move forward. The great thing about being saved is that you no longer have to dwell in the past. God gives you the explanation to answer those events which are unexplainable in your life. You are able to move forward believing that God will work everything out for your benefit and His ultimate glory. This is good news.
When you start to feel uneasy about what is happening around you, in your life, attempt to practice faith. This is done by recognizing that God is ultimately in control and that there is a reason and purpose for everything that happens; you just may not see it right away. His timing is perfect and Romans 8:28 is true.
Share you thoughts with us on Facebook and tell us how you practice your faith daily despite adversity. Your feedback may help a fellow Christian addict see hope differently.

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