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Atlanta Real Housewife Defends Her Faith

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Published: March 7, 2013

Kandi Burruss has had her hand in many successful ventures and she has recently added gospel singer to this list. There is great controversy surrounding Burruss’ latest Christian song because she doesn’t have the cleanest past. Burruss was a singer in the secular group Exscape, co-wrote songs with many artists and groups and joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But along with writing and recording gospel music, Burruss also started selling her own line of sex toys and began hosting an online sex talk show. Many Christians are questioning Burruss’ sudden interest in gospel music, but what they may not know is that she grew up in the church. Her song “Stayed Prayed Up” was her lyrical outlet when dealing with the loss of her fiancé in October 2009. She relied on her foundation of faith to help her through her grief. She addresses the critics, telling the Christian Post, “I’m not sure because I feel like right now in my life … people want perfect Christians. For instance, the people who are in the forefront doing gospel music and the people who are pastors and who are higher up, it’s like people expect them to be perfect.”  Christians have the tendency to give other Christian grief, judging them by their actions instead of looking at their hearts. Although Burruss is not an addict, it is common for Christians who struggle with addiction to experience the same kind of backlash. God understands that you are not a perfect individual. God would like us to always do the next right thing but died for us knowing that we are incapable of being perfect. Christian alcohol and drug rehab programs are built on the premise that Christian addicts need fewer critics and more encouragement to remain sober. What has your experience been as a Christian who has attended drug rehab?

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