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Family Support for Addiction

family members benefitting from Family Support for Addiction

At Lakeview Health, we understand that addiction does not just affect the individual struggling with addiction. It harms everyone in that person’s radius, from co-workers and friends, to family members. Indeed, the family is perhaps most directly affected. This is because a family is often obliged to bear the brunt of dealing with the adverse

What Does Residential Treatment Look Like?

group wondering What Does Residential Treatment Look Like

There are as many ways to treat drug addiction as there are people struggling with the disease. More specifically, the level of care that a person needs when seeking rehabilitation depends upon the severity of their dependence. For many, this means starting at the most comprehensive level of treatment: medical detoxification and residential treatment. But

Do We Need Family Therapy?

group wondering Do We Need Family Therapy

The family unit is, in many ways, the critical unit of our society. Our families are with us from the beginning, and the members of a family most often support one another. But families are not always resilient enough to defend themselves against everything that comes their way. And addiction is among the most dangerous