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Dr. Adrian Blotner Promoted to Director of Psychiatry & Pain Recovery

Lakeview Health has promoted Dr. Adrian Blotner to Director of Psychiatry and Pain Recovery Dr. Blotner previously served as campus psychiatrist  Jacksonville, FL, March 5, 2018 – Lakeview Health has promoted Adrian Blotner, M.D., FAPA to Director of Psychiatry and Pain Recovery. Dr. Blotner is board certified in both psychiatry and pain medicine. He specializes

How to Stay Sober During the Holidays & Prevent Relapse

How to Stay Sober During the Holidays & Prevent Relapse   The holidays are here again. The Halloween costumes are stashed away, and many people have started planning for the upcoming family get-togethers.   For people in recovery, the holidays can be times of tension, sadness, and depression warns The Recovery Book: “They are also

How To Do An Intervention During The Holidays

An intervention can be a powerful tool to help a family member or a friend find help for a problem like addiction. Knowing how to do an intervention is vital, especially with the added stress of the holidays. The intervention meeting needs to be carefully planned and prepared, though. Otherwise, it can leave the situation

Why Drug & Alcohol Detox Should Be Medically Monitored

Why Detoxing from Drugs and Alcohol Should Be Medically Monitored By Michael Rass Many people with addiction want to stop using drugs and alcohol. They don’t enjoy being addicted to substances, but they are afraid of experiencing debilitating emotional pain and withdrawal symptoms. The fear of severe withdrawal syndrome frequently prevents addicted individuals from seeking

Recovery Fuel: Greek Yogurt Pancakes & Waffles

Recovery Fuel: Greek Yogurt Pancakes & Waffles Part of a successful recovery is fueling your body with healthy, nutritious food and an exercise routine that promotes wellness. These Greek Yogurt Pancakes or Waffles are perfect for fueling your workouts … and they are incredibly easy to make. Ingredients 2 large eggs 4 tbsp almond milk

Substance Use In College Students

man with his computer reading in his room

Summer is almost over and many young people around the United States are getting ready for the fall semester at college. For first-year students, that often means being simultaneously anxious and excited. Even for more experienced students, there are many back-to-school worries. Am I taking the right classes? Am I wearing the right clothes? Will

Lakeview Health Podcast Series – John Colaluca, DO

  Dr. Hemphill: Welcome to Lakeview’s video podcast. I’m Dr. Phillip Hemphill, Chief Clinical Officer of Lakeview Health. With me here today, from Williamsburg, Virginia, is my esteemed colleague and Medical Director of the Farley Center, Dr. John Colaluca. Welcome. Dr. Colaluca: Thank you, Phillip. It’s great to be here. Dr. Hemphill: Great to see

Wisconsin’s Opioid Crisis And What’s Being Done To Combat It

Photo By: Dori / CC BY 2.5 Like other states in the nation, Wisconsin has been struggling with the impact of the opioid addiction crisis on the lives of its residents. Although 63 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties saw a decline or remained the same in the number of opioids prescribed between 2010 and 2015, the