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Lakeview Health Podcast Series – Jeff Mangrum

  Dr.Hemphill: Good afternoon, I’m Dr. Phillip Hemphill, chief clinical officer of Lakeview Health. Today, from Orlando, Florida, we have National Accounts Manager Director of Cornerstone of Recovery, Jeff Mangrum, joining us. Thank you, Jeff. Jeff Mangrum: Thank you. Thank you to the other Dr. Phil. Dr.Hemphill: Appreciate that. I really enjoyed our talk- Jeff

Five Levels of Care for Recovery from Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease that requires intervention on multiple levels over a considerable time span. To ensure continuity of care for patients, Lakeview Health uses five levels of care that correspond to those recommended by medical associations and accepted by insurance providers. The level of care is determined by the amount of medical and

Drug Addiction: A “Common Enemy” in Ohio

Photo by: Ynsalh / CC BY-SA 4.0  Ohio is one of three states comprising the heartland of America’s opioid addiction crisis. In 2015, West Virginia (41.5 per 100,000), Kentucky (29.9), and Ohio (29.9) were among the top five states with the highest rates of death due to drug overdose. Florida—with its own drug abuse epidemic and

Alumni Spotlight – Melodie

This is one person’s story; everyone will have unique experiences on their path to sobriety. This story may contain behaviors or information about use that is triggering. Please use your own discretion. We interviewed an alumna of Lakeview Health, Melodie, shortly after she celebrated a year of sobriety. Lakeview Health (LH): What do you remember

Lakeview Health Podcast Series – James McManus LMHC, CAP/Founder of Family First Adolescent Services

  Philip: Welcome to the Lakeview Health video podcast. I’m Dr. Philip Hemphill, Chief Clinical Officer here at Lakeview Health. And today I’m with James McManus, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, the founder and owner of Family First Adolescent Services in Palm Beach Garden. Welcome! James: Thank you very much for having me. Philip: It was

“Our Neighbors Are Dying” – The Addiction Crisis in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has dedicated the last year of his term in office to tackling the drug addiction crisis in his state. “Our friends are dying. Our neighbors are dying. Our co-workers are dying. Our children are dying. Every day. In numbers we can no longer ignore,” Christie declared in his state-of-the-state address