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Recovery Month 2016: Health and Fitness Program

About Our Health and Fitness Program Most people are aware of the countless benefits exercise can provide to their health, mental wellness, and overall life, but most are not aware of the impact of exercise on those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  An exercise program in early recovery has been proven to reduce

Exercise Physiology: Significantly Decreasing the Chances of Relapse

Lauren Stobbie , Our Health and Fitness Program Supervisor, uses her expansive knowledge about fitness and health to create amazing programs for each patient in order to help them meet their needs and improve themselves mentally and physically. Q: You are an Exercise Physiologist, so can you explain a little bit about what that means

Exercise in Addiction Treatment Centers: Getting Strong and Gaining Strength

As the new exercise physiologist at Lakeview Health, I am very excited to share some of the changes that have been happening around our facility and within our wellness therapy program. Within the past month, our patients have been offered the opportunity to attend group exercise classes five days a week on site. Each day