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Professionals and Addiction Presented by Philip Hemphill, PhD, LCSW (April 2018)

Overview: A growing and converging body of literature is establishing the empirical association between professionals with addiction and safety and quality. Based upon a review of studies, it’s estimated the prevalence of addiction in professionals range between 10-15%. Most recommend three broad approaches to address this public health issue including prevention, addressing it when it

Stress In Healthcare Professionals: The New Norm?

Are you subject to pressure or tension?  Do you experience emotional, physical, or mental strain?  Are you avoiding more?  What about feeling overstretched, overtaxed, pushed to the limit, worried, harassed, or anxious? You know…just go with it…it’s what we do…you signed up for it…right? In 1845, Thoreau lamented, “Men have become the tools of their

Is Love Really in the Air?

Is Love Really in the Air? As the bitter cold slowly gives way to the longer, warmer days, the celebration of Valentine’s Day becomes a measuring stick for the intimacy in our lives.  Levine (2010) described ‘Love’ as not one thing but nine: Love is grand, idealized and culturally reinforced ambition; Love is an arrangement;

The Data Reveals the Truth on Outcomes in Gender-Specific Treatment

The Data Reveals the Truth: Women Experience Better Outcomes in Gender-Specific Treatment   The vision, intuition, and data gathered by Lakeview Health leaders and staff that lead to the completion of our gender-specific state-of-the-art facility, program, and dedicated staff has served hundreds of women in need of Substance Use Treatment during the past year. Today,

Making Data Driven Decisions with Dr. Philip Hemphill

While attending the Recovery Results conference in Dallas, Texas, Lakeview Health Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Philip Hemphill spoke on transforming addiction treatment by implementing an integrative health model while using real-world data to inform decision-making. Dr. Hemphill also sat down with the host of Recovery Unscripted, David Condos, to further discuss the practice of making

Lakeview Health Podcast with Brian Fuehrlein, M.D., Ph.D.

The January Professional Lecture Series was presented by Brian Fuehrlein, M.D., Ph.D. He is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine and Director, Psychiatric Emergency Room at VA Connecticut Healthcare System. His presentation, Denial, Promises and Excuses: The Disease Process of Addiction and the Opioid Epidemic helped participants understand basic concepts of the disease