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Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

Addiction and mental health disorders are often connected, and understanding mental health disorders is important to understanding and treating addiction. One such mental health issue is Bipolar Disorder. Recognizing Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder is a term often used informally to describe a person whose attitude shifts from one extreme to another. An example of this

Coping With Grief

Grief comes in many forms and is often misunderstood. In some cultures, grief is embraced and freely expressed. In other cultures, it is suppressed, and the unspoken idea is it’s something “to get over” after a prescribed period of time. In American culture, there are rituals for death and loss, but they are generally confined

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Intellectual

Intellectual wellness is sometimes mistakenly associated exclusively with people who have college degrees or read classic literature, but intellectual wellness is important for everyone. It is not just about the classes we take or an IQ score, but rather it’s being open to new ideas, seeking personal growth through learning new skills, being creative, or

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional By: Vaughn Bryant Emotion is a primary dimension of the human experience and has the potential to greatly enhance one’s wellbeing in life. It also has the potential to debilitate a person with sadness, fear, anger, guilt and other negative emotional states. Emotional wellness is achieved by mastering the emotional