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Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center

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female therapist with clipboard talks to female patient about the benefits of a womens rehab center


Published: October 19, 2019

Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration shows that women make up about 1/3 of all rehab admissions. However, just because centers admit fewer females than males does not mean having a separate treatment plan isn’t important. Here are a few benefits of a women’s rehab center you should know about.

Addiction in Men vs. Women

Numerous studies show that men and women suffer from addiction in different ways. For example, men are more likely to use illicit substances, while women might abuse prescription medications more frequently. Even the reasons for using drugs or alcohol vary according to gender.

To successfully treat addiction, recovery specialists need to consider each person as an individual. So-called “cookie-cutter” plans rarely ever work, and often leave people feeling frustrated. A women’s rehab center in Jacksonville, FL will take all factors into account when coming up with a custom treatment plan. Providing personalized care is, in fact, one of the biggest benefits of a women’s rehab center.

Unique Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Center

Since addiction presents itself differently in men and women, both genders require their own approach to treatment. As such, one of the primary benefits of a women’s rehab center is the ability to focus on the factors that most often lead to female addiction in the first place.

Women feel more comfortable sharing with one another in all-female group settings. Many ladies have also experienced sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination, and would rather not talk about these situations in front of men. However, when surrounded only by other women (many of whom have faced similar circumstances), most females feel secure enough to open up about their pasts.

Most rehab facilities strongly discourage their residents from developing new romantic relationships while in recovery. Separating individuals according to gender makes it less likely that people will try to date or “hook up” during this time. This leaves them free to focus on the reason they entered rehab in the first place.

Our Programs

Here at Lakeview Health, we believe gender-responsive treatment works best. We’ve found that by segregating residents according to gender, it increases the odds that they will remain in the program. This allows them to take advantage of our many programs, which include:

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), women experience more cravings and are therefore more susceptible to relapse than men. As such, one of the benefits of a women’s rehab center is a strong aftercare program. Here at Lakeview Health, we provide ongoing care as well as Certified Recovery Coaching to ensure you remain sober for life. In addition, we offer a number of support and 12-step groups that can help you maintain your new lifestyle.

We’ve even designed our facilities to appeal to either men or women. At Lakeview Health, you will find cozy furniture and accessories in sleeping rooms as well as our common areas. Aside from our décor, we also offer other features that will appeal to ladies such as our pedicure chairs and yoga studio. Our goal is to make women feel comfortable here so that they will want to stay and continue with treatment.

Gender Segregated Substance Abuse Treatment

Are you a woman who struggles with a drug or alcohol dependency? Do you have a mother, sister, aunt, or daughter who needs help? If so, we would like to provide them with the benefits of a women’s rehab center where they will feel special and not judged. Contact us today at [Direct] to find out more or to schedule an intake.

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