Best Practices in Recovery Coaching

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April 28, 2015

Ami Brantley and Karen Zaccour, Certified Recovery Coaches

April 28th, 2015, Noon – 1 p.m. EST
1 CEU available

Everyone thinks they need a Life Coach to provide direction and purpose to their life road map. Why not people in recovery? A Recovery Coach is not a sponsor or a therapist, but rather they focus on the future and life details that are often overlooked. This webinar is designed to understand the role of a Recovery Coach in helping the clinical team, as well as supporting patients and alumni in their journey of recovery.


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will:

  1. Be able to define Recovery Coaching and its role in supporting long –term recovery.
  2. Learn how to integrate recovery coaching into a residential treatment program.
  3. Learn how recovery coaching contributes to improved communication with clinical staff.
  4. Participate in an exercise of Recovery Coaching through a brief training on Elements of Recovery Culture.


Ami Brantly, Recovery Coach
ami-gilland-lgAmi Brantley, Recovery Coach, is a vital member of the alumni community at Lakeview for over four years. She joined Lakeview as Alumni Coordinator in fall 2012 and utilizes her own story to inspire others. She faithfully engages alumni in monthly events and support groups to build a community of recovery that will support them in their journey of recovery.
Ami has blended her years of customer service skills and compassion for those in need to be a positive role model in assisting other addicts live a healthier life. She has been instrumental in developing a recovery management program that encourages alumni to continue in their recovery journey while empowering them to reciprocate their recovery knowledge to those entering treatment. Recently trained at the Connecticut Community Action for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) as a Certified Recovery Coach, Ami will help facilitate patients and families to identify recovery life skills that will contribute to long term recovery.
Karen Zaccour, Recovery Coach
karen-zaccour-lgKaren Zaccour, Recovery Coach, earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Florida. She has a passion for recovery and for encouraging and walking beside individuals struggling with addiction. She has served as an encourager coach to a local 12-step recovery ministry, leading woman’s step studies and recovery groups, coordinating local recovery events, as well as providing resources and a support network to individuals and their families.
Karen’s background in supporting recovery communities plays an integral part in the development of recovery management for Stepping Stone alumni. Over the next few months, Karen will be working with clinical staff to assist patients in examining the stages of change and how it’s applied to recovery. As a recovery coach, Karen will be available to help patients develop a recovery plan that will focus on basic life skills. Karen is excited to invest in the ongoing recovery of the alumni and their families, as she helps them join the recovery community, where they can find solid accountability and an exciting life in sobriety.

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