Alumni Spotlight: Bobby

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November 09, 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Bobby

Introducing our new Prescott, AZ alumni ambassador, Bobby Goodell. Our first event will be December 1! For more information on our Prescott Alumni Chapter please reach out to any of our Lakeview Alumni Coordinators or Bobby Goodell at 928-710-1028.

My name is Bobby and I am an alcoholic. I entered Lakeview Health on July 2, 2016, for medical detox and addiction treatment. Broken, beaten, and tired of an unmanageable life, I admitted defeat and called Lakeview Health begging for a bed. I was waking up to a bottle of vodka and pills just to start my day and not remembering the time between then and when my head hit the pillow or the floor. I had been through treatment at Lakeview Health once before and countless other detoxes prior to that. I knew Lakeview Health would help me help myself.
I started using drugs and alcohol at 12 years old and got sober at 29. It was a 17-year-path of despair and destruction that I am so grateful for. Those years provided me with the life experiences that shaped the man I am today. Lakeview Health assisted me in gaining my identity and life back. After my 30 days of detox and inpatient treatment, Lakeview staff suggested a program in Prescott, AZ. I have fallen in love with the area and am here to stay! I work as a barista and live in historic downtown Prescott, AZ. I am a passionate vegan and yogi. I am currently in the process of becoming a certified Reiki Master.
Today, I work a solid Alcoholics Anonymous program with my sponsor, who has 38 years sobriety, and a home group of other supportive alcoholics. The promises have blossomed for me and become a reality. I live each day with integrity. I am so grateful for Lakeview and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Alumni Spotlight: Bobby

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