Boxing, Cocaine Addiction, Rehab, Recovery

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: March 1, 2012

Oscar de la Hoya generated the most revenue of anyone in the boxing sport. He brought in an estimated $696 million in total for his pay per view fights. He also struggled with alcohol and cocaine addiction throughout his career. He began boxing at age 6 and sipping alcohol at age 8. De la Hoya seems to have been a functioning addict on some level as he was winning titles, getting endorsements, and even got married and had children.

De la Hoya states that he had gone to alcohol and drug rehab previously, but this last time he went for himself as he acknowledged that he wanted to stop the cycle of addiction. He extended his 30 day stay by 3 weeks because he felt he wasn’t ready to leave. He states that he was scared to leave rehab because he felt safe in treatment. Recovery from addiction is a choice. De la Hoya seemingly was functioning on the outside but the inward turmoil was more than he could handle. After contemplating thoughts of suicide while in his active cocaine addiction, he knew it was time to make a change in his lifestyle.

De la Hoya has the support of his wife and children while he continues to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He explains that he wants to show his wife that he is changing through actions, not just by his words. He not only benefits from recovery but his wife and children do as well.