Drangers and Effects of Bromo-Dragonfly (B-Fly)
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: February 15, 2012

There is a new synthetic drug called Bromo-benzodifuranyl-isopropylamin but more commonly referred to as Bromo-Dragonfly, B-Fly or Fly. It is a hallucinogen that is supposed to last up to three days when ingested. This drug has three forms: powder, liquid and blotter. The drug shuts down the oxygen going to the heart and the rest of the body, as reported by a drug prevention coordinator at the Wicomico County Health Department.

So far in Wicomico County there have been two deaths related to intoxication of Bromo-Dragonfly. Many adolescents are experimenting and taking risks using this substance because it is not illegal, yet. The lack of research means that helping an intoxicated individual on Bromo-Dragonfly is difficult because remedies are based on counteracting chemical compounds.  This drug has not been regulated and therefore the chemical compounds are unknown. Addiction is so tricky with the way it entices people to try different things. Addictive thoughts will tell an addict that it is ok to use a substance because it is legal. By this train of thought, alcohol is legal yet it still destroys lives. Taking hallucinogens is extremely dangerous and can cause a psychotic break, especially if there is a family history of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.

Three days of non–reality with the risk of death or psychosis doesn’t seem that enticing to me. In most cases treatment for addiction in a drug rehabilitation facility is recommended to break the addiction cycle and distorted thinking of using drugs just because they might be legal.