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Published: November 1, 2012

There is an unspoken secret among airplane pilots: Never admit you need help with addiction or mental health issues. If something goes on record, they may be seen as unstable and risk losing their careers. This means that many pilots may not get the help that they need, possibly putting their lives and the lives of passengers at risk. In the new movie “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington, we are able to witness firsthand how alcoholism and drug addiction affect pilots. The pressure that pilots face, being responsible for hundreds of lives, can be overwhelming. They are also away from families for extended periods of time. All of these factors contribute to the lifestyle of addict. Washington’s character is an addict who moves from addiction to recovery. Perhaps other pilots will gain the courage to seek help for their problems before spiraling out of control.  Do you know a pilot who might benefit from watching this movie? How will this movie impact recovery? Share you thoughts with us below or leave a comment for us on our Facebook page.

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