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January 28, 2013 | Lakeview Health |

Are you tired of being just another number to drug rehabs that offer you vacation getaways with no focus on […]

January 24, 2013 | Lakeview Health |

Methadone is a synthetic drug that has opium-like qualities, used to treat pain as well as reducing the effects of […]

January 16, 2013 | Lakeview Health |

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States is […]

January 2, 2013 | Lakeview Health |

On New Year’s Eve, you make resolutions to fix, change, or add new things that you believe will better your […]

December 27, 2012 | Lakeview Health |

The ability to forgive is sometimes considered a divine skill. You know this especially if you have ever been approached […]

December 20, 2012 | Lakeview Health |

If you could do something to prevent breast cancer, would you? For many women who struggle with alcoholism, intellectually the […]

December 11, 2012 | Lakeview Health |

The Dreaded Holiday Office Party Everyone prepares for the annual time of awkwardness where we socialize but aren’t really friends: […]

December 5, 2012 | Lakeview Health |

Popping pills should not be an option for you this holiday season. Give yourself and your family the gift of […]



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