Aftercare & Relapse Prevention

Former Drug Addict Preparing for 10k Run

The best addiction treatment centers teach their clients about the twelve step programs of alcoholics and narcotics anonymous because fellowship is essential to sustain sobriety. Over the past five years in Michigan recovering addicts have been forming bonds while training and running the Third River Bank Run.

Reaping the Benefits of Sobriety through Relapse Prevention

Staying sober and avoiding a relapse requires constant work and maintenance. Relapse prevention programs in addiction treatment will help its clients learn and become aware of the steps they have to take and habits they need to form in order to protect their sobriety.

Maintaining Sobriety with Relapse Prevention

In recovery from addiction there is a saying that goes its easy to get sober but hard to stay sober. Relapse prevention programs offered by addiction treatment programs will teach clients about “triggers” they should be aware of as well as techniques and tools to prevent a relapse from occurring.