Without Medically Supervised Detox, Recovery is Difficult

Detoxification plays a vital role when it comes to whether or not an individual is going to be able to get and stay sober. Quality addiction treatment will take each client through a medically supervised detoxification to relieve the physiological obsession for drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol Detox is Dangerous. Take Advantage of a Medical Detox

Alcohol detox can be a dangerous. If not done properly it can possibly result in death. The safest way to detox from alcohol is to go through a medically supervised detoxification. Alcohol detox is the first step to living a life that is free of alcohol dependency.

Why Detoxing from Home Can Kill You

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: August 3, 2010 Why Detoxing from Home Can Kill You Detoxification, or “detox,” from drugs and alcohol is not easy. Many individuals who struggle with addiction attempt to detox themselves in the comfort of their own home. One of the most common medical detox FAQs