Addiction and Social Class: Bursting the Myth

man falling into the stigma of professionals and addiction

Anyone is capable of struggling with addiction no matter what their background is. It doesn’t matter how successful or how big of a house they have. Addiction does not discriminate. The best way to get help for alcohol or drug abuse is through addiction treatment.

What is Glass and How Addictive Is It?

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If you’re trying to find out what is glass or considering drug addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, then  Lakeview Health might be an option. Glass, officially known as crystal methamphetamine, is a dangerous and illegal drug or substance. In 2017, the drug was responsible for methamphetamine use disorder in 964,000 people aged 12 or older. Not

Opiate vs Opioid

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There are plenty of different stories every day about the dangers of opiates and opioids and how devastating these can be. However, when comparing opiate vs opioid drugs, it’s important to note that there is a distinct difference. Opiate vs opioid addictions can be very similar, so no matter what, it’s best to seek treatment

What is a Speedball?

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A speedball takes two dangerous drugs and mixes them into a type of cocktail drug. Those who do speedballs may need treatment like at a heroin addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, such as Lakeview Health. Before asking are speedballs dangerous, it’s important to understand what they are and why they are popular. What is

The Dangers of Mommy Drinking Culture: Take This Situation Seriously

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Modern culture has stated that a glass of wine or three is okay and even healthy for mothers. However, the dangers of mommy drinking culture may surprise many who enjoy a drink while interacting with their children. Like with any alcohol abuse, the threat can be high. And, unfortunately, many mothers may need to visit

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous? What You Need to Know

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People experiencing alcoholism may ask, “is alcohol withdrawal dangerous?” almost every day. This concern is understandable. Many avoid quitting because they are worried about withdrawal. Unfortunately, the dangers of withdrawal have often caused many to keep drinking and hurting their bodies. Unfortunately, those who try to quit cold turkey may find these dangers are even

Signs of a High Functioning Drug Addict in Your Life

signs of a high functioning drug addict, woman in bed looking ill

Drug addiction affects people in many different ways. Some will struggle with essential life functions, while others will appear just fine. As a result, you must know the signs of a high functioning drug addict. Doing so can help help you or a loved one recover from substance abuse. Once you spot these signs, the

Is Drinking Rubbing Alcohol Dangerous?

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Rubbing, or isopropanol, alcohol is an example of why not all alcohol is the same. Ingestion of isopropanol is the second most common kind of alcohol poisoning and the most toxic. Most cases of poisoning are accidental, but some drink it as a substitute for ethanol alcohol, the type of alcohol addiction seen in an alcohol detox center

Understanding Treatment at a Partial Hospitalization Program

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After detox and short-term rehabilitation, many people decide they aren’t ready to tackle the challenges of addiction recovery alone.  Lakeview Health offers a partial hospitalization program Jacksonville FL residents turn to when they need a structured environment during the day in order to grow stronger in their recovery. With the right guidance, it is possible to

Effects of Long Term Xanax Use

male patient holds head and talks to female therapist about the effects of long term xanax use

Xanax is a benzodiazepine. Doctors prescribe it for panic attacks or anxiety. For some people, the prescription becomes habit-forming. Here’s what you need to know about the effects of long term Xanax use. Going Beyond the Six Weeks Did you know that doctors should only prescribe this medication for an “as needed” use? Moreover, the