Should I Choose an Addiction Treatment Program in Augusta, GA?

group of individuals discussing an addiction treatment program in Augusta GA

No one ever plans on becoming addicted. And once you come to terms with the fact that you have a problem, finding a quality addiction treatment program in Augusta, GA, may likely be your first choice. By looking for an addiction treatment program in Augusta, GA, you have taken an important step. A step towards

Is a Drug Rehab Program in Lawrenceville GA My Only Option?

group wondering if a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville GA is best

When looking for a drug rehab program in Lawrenceville, GA, you may need more than just a local option. By beginning the search for a quality rehabilitation program, you have taken an important first step. But the essential thing is that you find a center that helps you to get sober successfully. If you are

Addiction and Social Class: Bursting the Myth

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Anyone is capable of struggling with addiction no matter what their background is. It doesn’t matter how successful or how big of a house they have. Addiction does not discriminate. The best way to get help for alcohol or drug abuse is through addiction treatment.

The Need for an Individual Drug Detox Plan

therapist and client creating an individual detox plan

Quality drug detoxification will provide each client with an individual protocol to help them get through their detox. Depending on the type of drugs and the amount being used on a regular basis will play a key factor into the protocol needed for detoxification.

Opioid Addiction Signs

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When someone starts to show opioid addiction signs, it should not be taken lightly. While the signs may differ from person to person, it is easier to spot them in people with moderate to severe addiction. If you’ve noticed the signs in someone you love, help is available at Lakeview Health. Our opioid addiction treatment

Fentanyl Abuse

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Fentanyl abuse is prevalent today. The drug fentanyl belongs to a class of drugs called opiates that includes other drugs such as heroin and morphine. Originally created as a pain reliever, fentanyl is for pain associated with serious diseases such as cancer. Also, when tolerance to other opiates makes them no longer useful, fentanyl is

Xanax Withdrawal Signs

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Xanax is a benzodiazepine. It’s commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety through anxiety disorder treatment programs. In fact, Xanax was the second most prescribed psychiatric drug in 2016. However, it is frequently abused, as well. Some people begin using Xanax as a way to self-medicate their anxiety and stress. Others enjoy the high that can

Methadone Abuse

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Most people are aware of methadone as a method of getting off more serious substances through substance abuse treatment programs. But fewer people are aware of the potential for methadone abuse. Though methadone is less dangerous than drugs like heroin, it can still be dangerous in its own right. By learning more about abusing methadone,

Drug Dependency

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Repeated use or abuse of addictive prescription or illegal drugs can result in drug dependency. Someone who is dependent on drugs uses it to function normally. This is according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If the drug is withdrawn, the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. Severe symptoms can cause the user to take