The Dangers of Self-Medicating During COVID

woman experiencing the dangers of self medicating during Covid

COVID-19 and social distancing present unique challenges for individuals who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Where you once may have had access to round-the-clock residential care, your treatments may now be limited to outpatient or virtual options. However, this doesn’t mean you should self-medicate between visits. There are still alternatives to foregoing

What is Psychological Dependence?

woman curls up with a pillow on couch while wondering what is psychological dependence

When people talk about addiction, it’s actually a double-edged sword. However, most don’t realize that it involves physiological and psychological dependence. That said, many associate only the physical symptoms with dependency. Many individuals might wonder, what is psychological dependence? And how do you move past it to achieve long-lasting recovery? Lakeview Health is here to

Gain a Foothold in Recovery Through a Percocet Withdrawal Detox Program

woman experiencing percocet withdrawal symptoms

Percocet is a prescription drug meant for short-term use and people who take it for longer than a few weeks run a high risk of becoming physically dependent on it. Individuals who use it longer than a few weeks and take larger doses are very likely to become addicted and dependent. Once addicted or dependent

Cocaine and Alcohol Dangers

woman struggling with cocaine and alcohol polysubstance abuse

Do you know someone who mixes cocaine with alcohol because they’ve heard it helps prolong the high? This practice of mixing powerful drugs such as stimulants and depressants may have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. In fact, it may lead to a condition called “polysubstance use disorder.” If you or someone close

Epidemic Versus Pandemic: Why the Opioid Epidemic Is Still Important

man ponders the difference between epidemic vs pandemic and why the opioid epidemic is still important

We began hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic during the first few months of 2020. As the virus quickly spread around the world, it became the top news article in the nation. And while the Covid-19 virus has caused real suffering around the globe and across America, it’s important to remember another sweeping disaster that came

Is It Time To Seek Treatment for Substance Use Disorder? Signs You Need Rehab Now

group discussing with a woman signs you need rehab now

It’s often easier to spot problems in other people before noticing them in yourself. This is especially true when the issue being discussed is substance use disorder. You may not realize you’re drinking more than you should or taking more prescription pain relievers than your doctor recommends, for instance. This is often when family and

Does My Addiction Need Treatment?

man looking at beer bottle wondering does my addiction need treatment

If you’re worried that a bad habit may have turned into an addiction, it’s time to have a professional assessment from a neutral third party. Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This chronic condition involves many substances. A few of the more common ones include: Alcohol Prescription painkillers Heroin Cocaine Methamphetamine If

Most Abused Prescription Drugs

couple learning about the most abused prescription drugs

Drug addiction can form from abuse of prescription drugs. Just because a doctor writes a prescription does not mean they are safe to use. It is critical to follow your doctor’s orders and, whenever possible, to ensure you are able to stop using addiction-forming treatments as soon as possible. At Lakeview Health, we will work

Signs of Polysubstance Abuse

girl wondering if she is showing signs of polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance abuse is a condition in which a person uses more than one drug at a time. Often, they seek out a second drug to compliment or otherwise alter the effects of the initial drug. Doing this can be very dangerous. It can lead to dependence and addiction. Our team at Lakeview Health provides support

Most Abused Drugs

woman learning about the most abused drugs and how to break free from addiction

Why do people use drugs? The most abused drugs are able to change the way a person thinks. They limited a person’s ability to make wise decisions or to have good judgment. They put them at risk as well as others around them. These drugs typically cause health problems, including putting a person at risk