Do I Need Trauma-Informed Care in Drug Rehab?

group therapy in drug rehab

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Trauma-informed drug rehab programs are customized to help people address drug abuse that originates with a life-changing event. Taking time to understand how past events shape addiction and recovery experiences helps you make wiser decisions about treatment. Helping our clients make better decisions is vital to the Lakeview Health support

What Is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month?

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. At Lakeview Health, we offer addiction treatment programs for you or a loved one ready to recover from substance use disorders. Use this month to make a real change in your life and contact our Florida location for information about our

Major Risks of Using Illicit Substances

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Whether you are thinking about trying an illicit substance or already a regular user, you have likely heard that drugs cause many difficulties for the user and those associated with them. Just how much of a risk is there when someone uses an illicit drug? Here are some points to

Dangerous Winter Blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction

man leaning against window thinking about seasonal affective disorder

By Michael Rass Michael Rass The strong connection between substance use and mental illness has long been recognized. Addiction specialists and mental health experts have known for decades that individuals struggling with mental wellness are significantly more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of easing the pain of their illness. If

How to Help My Son in Recovery

mom learning how to help my son in recovery

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health “I want to learn how to help my son in recovery.” It is a powerful statement. It means you want to see your son take steps to get sober and work to improve his future. When you are at this point, our team at Lakeview Health is here to guide

Benefits of Residential Treatment

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health For clients beginning recovery through an addiction treatment program round-the-clock care can be immensely helpful, particularly for patients with the most severe substance use issues. In addiction circles, we call this care “residential” because it requires clients to reside on-site at the facility. There are many benefits of residential treatment. Residential

COVID Travel Guide

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health If you’re coming to Lakeview Health from a different town or state, as many of our clients do, you may want to take extra precautions during your travel. This could prevent your exposure to COVID-19. Lakeview Health is a drug and alcohol treatment center with locations in Jacksonville, FL. Once

Xanax and Alcohol

man struggling with abusing xanax and alcohol

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Polysubstance use disorder describes the addiction to two or more chemical substances. In layman’s terms, this means a person abuses more than one drug. Polysubstance abuse is common in America and is a reason many people seek treatment at a drug and alcohol facility nearby. This is a serious condition,

The Dangers of Self-Medicating During COVID

woman experiencing the dangers of self medicating during Covid

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health COVID-19 and social distancing present unique challenges for individuals who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Where you once may have had access to round-the-clock residential care, your treatments may now be limited to outpatient or virtual options. However, this doesn’t mean you should self-medicate between visits. There

Most Abused Prescription Drugs

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Drug addiction can form from abuse of prescription drugs. Just because a doctor writes a prescription does not mean they are safe to use. It is critical to follow your doctor’s orders and, whenever possible, to ensure you are able to stop using addiction-forming treatments as soon as possible. At