Strength Training Your Back Muscles

Focus Muscle Group: Rhomboids This week’s edition of Muscle Mondays will bring to light the importance of the rhomboids. Originating on the last cervical vertebrae of your neck to the fifth vertebrae of the thoracic spine, the rhomboids attach to the medial border of the scapulae. This downward angled muscle performs the important task of

Holiday Recipe: Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Casserole

I don’t know about you, but sweet potato casserole is the one dish I look forward to indulging in around the holidays. There is just something so satisfying about the sweetness of the potatoes combined with the crunch of pecans and the gooeyness of the melting marshmallows on top. But this casserole is not the

Lakeview Health Trainers Support Your #SWOLEBRIETY

The Lakeview Health Wellness Center recently started a Facebook page. This was created with our alumni in mind! Our Wellness Team’s goal is to have a place where our Lakeview trainers can continue to provide you with fitness and nutrition related motivation, education, and information. The hashtag #SWOLEBRIETY was created to represent your new healthy

Exercise Improves Physical and Mental Wellness for People in Addiction Recovery

It’s often forgotten that our brain is the source of our physical and emotional wellness. Our brain controls our feelings of pleasure, reward, our sense of balance and coordination. You know that seemingly natural ability you have to move your arms or legs, see the beautiful sky, or taste your favorite ice cream? Your brain

Ditch the guilt…7 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s easy to start slacking on your workouts and overindulging in all the holiday food. The average American gains around 5 pounds over the course of the holiday season. But is it possible to partake in some of your favorite foods without overindulging, feeling guilty, and experiencing the lack

What Makes a Holistic Rehab Center “Holistic”?

When you’re ready to get sober from drugs or alcohol, it’s important to know about the different options you have. Your recovery is personal to you, so you should know which option will suit you best. The two primary types of rehab programs are medical and holistic. Both options can help you on the path

Self Detox from Alcohol is Dangerous and Potentially Fatal

While the desire to self detox from alcohol may be admirable, the reality is that doing so can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal. Choosing sobriety and the road of recovery is absolutely the first step, but a self detox from alcohol is not the answer. By attending a medically monitored detox at Lakeview Health,