Finding In-Network Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: February 4, 2021 Updated: February 4, 2021 Financial concerns can hold some people back from seeking the help that they need for substance use disorder. There is a lot to consider when making the decision to go to treatment and finding a center that works for you in terms

Empower Yourself with Addiction Treatment Now

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: December 21, 2020 Updated: December 22, 2020 If you are wondering if you may need help with addiction, it is important to understand the different options you have for getting assistance for your addictive behaviors. Many Americans struggle with problematic drug use. The prevalence of a drug use disorder

Join Our Family this Holiday

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: December 15, 2020 Updated: January 11, 2021 For as long as there have been humans, there has been loneliness. It’s inevitable. Though we are social creatures, we can’t be together always. When confronted with extended periods of isolation, your challenge is to find ways of coping with loneliness. It

Aftercare Planning: Should I stay or Should I Go?

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By Lakeview Health Staff Lakeview Health Staff Published: November 14, 2020 Updated: December 7, 2020 Choosing a facility with a solid aftercare program can help people maintain their recovery even after they finish treatment. With their all-encompassing approach and extensive discharge planning, these facilities make it a point to offer comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that

3 Reasons to Go to Rehab Away From Home

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: November 11, 2020 Updated: March 2, 2021 If you are struggling with addictive behavior, whether it be the use of drugs, alcohol, or if you abuse another substance, finding help for your difficulties is a must. Many people seek addiction treatment programs by going to a rehabilitation facility as

The Importance of Addiction Treatment for Medical Professionals

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: November 9, 2020 Updated: December 7, 2020 Medical professionals face some of the most intense experiences throughout their day. They see trauma often, and even if they try to remain true professionals, some of that comes home with them. Being unable to do something or fix a problem can

Factors to Consider In Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

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Drug addiction ravages people’s lives many people find treatment in a drug rehab program very beneficial in learning how the disease of addiction has affected him or her. Addiction occurs overnight for some and for others it takes years before he or she is willing to accept help.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: October 19, 2020 Updated: March 8, 2021 For clients beginning recovery through an addiction treatment program round-the-clock care can be immensely helpful, particularly for patients with the most severe substance use issues. In addiction circles, we call this care “residential” because it requires clients to reside on-site at the facility.

Xanax and Alcohol

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By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Published: October 15, 2020 Updated: November 24, 2020 Polysubstance use disorder describes the addiction to two or more chemical substances. In layman’s terms, this means a person abuses more than one drug. Polysubstance abuse is common in America and is a reason many people seek treatment at a drug and

Primary Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

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Making the decision between inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse can be a difficult one. These two types of programs provide very different pathways to sobriety, yet each offer individuals the potential to enjoy a lifelong recovery. The key is in determining which is right for you, between the big choice of inpatient and