Breaking the Stigma of Residential Treatment

doctor and client discussing breaking the stigma of residential treatment

Once upon a time, it was taboo even to talk about mental health issues. People struggling with addiction issues were locked away from society and not discussed. The majority of society saw them as “weak-willed” and blamed them for their illness. Addiction, it was thought, was a question of will power, and only the weak-minded

Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery

group of individuals learning the Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery

If you are someone who suffers from addiction and you’re looking for a residential treatment program, one question you may have is ‘what will my days look like in treatment.’ When you come to Lakeview Health, you’ll spend a good portion of your time in therapy – this includes individual and group therapy. In individual

Is the 12 Step Program Right for You?

the 12 step program, group of people talking in therapy

There are many ways to get the treatment you need and deserve. Doing so will get you past addiction issues and back to living your life. At Lakeview Health, you can consider the 12 step program or other options to meet your needs. Our caring and compassionate staff of professionals is dedicated to finding the

What Are the Typical Klonopin Side Effects?

klonopin side effects, person in bed with head down in their arm

If you’re concerned about addiction issues, Lakeview Health can help. We handle all kinds of health concerns, including helping people who are dealing with Klonopin side effects. Our caring, compassionate staff understands that reaching out for help isn’t easy. It can be difficult to speak up and look for the support and guidance you need.

How Do You Define Psychotherapy?

define psychotherapy, smiling woman in glasses speaking with patient

How would you define psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is more commonly known as talk therapy. It describes a class of treatments in which a talk therapist encourages the person receiving therapy to put into words their challenges and feelings so that they can begin to develop solutions. It’s a very effective evidence-based treatment for those with addiction,

We Can Offer You Better Addiction Care

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If you’re looking for a trauma-informed, gender-responsive treatment program, you’ve come to the right place. At Lakeview Health, we’re better than anyone else in the country at handling addiction issues in clients with trauma. With a medical model that’s integrated and can handle whole health needs, along with a staff of caring professionals with dedication

What Is Rehab Counseling?

what is rehab counseling, woman smiling patting another woman on the shoulder in group therapy

An important part of rehab isn’t just detoxing and preparing your body for a sober lifestyle. It’s identifying triggers that might cause you to relapse and discovering reasons as to why you turned to alcohol or drug consumption in the first place. The more you know about your addiction, the better off you’re going to

What’s The Definition Of Sobriety?

definition of sobriety, woman smiling outdoors with sunshine

Whether you’re someone who has struggled with addiction or not, you’re likely familiar with the concept of sobriety. Most people take sobriety to mean the absence of alcohol or other substances from one’s life, but the word has different meanings depending on the source of your definition of sobriety. Some people take sobriety to mean

Am I Anorexic?

a man and his therapist wondering am i anorexic

Am I anorexic? If you’re able to ask yourself this question, that’s a good sign. Many people who suffer from anorexia nervosa don’t realize that they’re eating too little, exercising too much, or are losing too much weight. As a result, a common condition among clients who develop this disorder is the inability to perceive their

What You Should Know about THC and Vaping

a man looking out the window thinking of the effects of thc and vaping

Recently, THC and vaping are one of the health events in the news. More than 1,600 people have become ill, and 34 have died from vaping-related lung illnesses. The CDC has investigated this one class of vaping products implicated in many of the illnesses. These unregulated and unlicensed cartridges contain THC, the main psychoactive chemical found in cannabis.