The Importance of Trauma Therapy

two people holding hands realizing the importance of trauma therapy during addiction treatment

There are as many different therapeutic approaches to addiction as there are people struggling with addiction. And healthcare professionals like the experts at WebMD agree that therapy is essential to treating addiction. But beyond the broad categories of addiction therapy services — individual, group, family, and so on — there are several subsets. One of

What is Trauma Informed Care?

therapist taking notes as she explains what is trauma informed care to patient

According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), most of us have had at least one traumatic experience. More specifically, more than 60% of American men and more than 50% of American women have experienced one or more traumatic events in their lifetime. And these numbers matter, particularly when trauma affects

Find Spirituality at Lakeview Health Systems’ Florida Drug Rehab

young woman experiencing spirituality at lakeview

In order to recover from drug addiction or alcohol abuse it necessary to form some sort of spirituality. Lakeview Health Systems is an alcohol and drug addiction facility that helps individuals recover and find spirituality so that they can get and stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

Restoring Faith in a Christian Drug Rehab

individuals restoring faith through addiction treatment

A Christian drug rehab is appropriate for individuals who believe in a higher power but have lost their faith as a result of their addiction. A Christian Drug rehab will work with there clients in individual and group settings.

Recovering in a Family Program

family recovering in a family program

Family programs are the best ways for an entire family to learn about addiction to drugs and alcohol and how to cope with it in a healthy, productive manner. Quality addiction treatment programs will offer a family program to all of its clients family members.

Treating Unresolved Trauma During Addiction Recovery

individuals treating unresolved trauma during addiction recovery

Using drugs or alcohol to overcome pain and heartbreak is something mainstream media has made normal for a long time. For example, in the popular book, Little Women, a main character drinks excessively to get over a girl refusing his affections. Brad Paisley’s song, “Whiskey Lullaby,” describes two people drinking themselves to death, is just

Understanding Treatment at a Partial Hospitalization Program

what is partial hospitalization, doctor with chart talking to patient

After detox and short-term rehabilitation, many people decide they aren’t ready to tackle the challenges of addiction recovery alone.  Lakeview Health offers a partial hospitalization program Jacksonville FL residents turn to when they need a structured environment during the day in order to grow stronger in their recovery. With the right guidance, it is possible to

Be SMART With Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching, you may be thinking of what resolutions 2019 will bring. Self-growth is very important and highly recommended, but over half of people with a New Year’s resolution will give up in less than six months’ time (Szalavitz, 2012). In the wellness field, we are all too familiar with this

A Solution For Pain Management & Addiction Treatment Centers

With the fact that many Americans suffer from pain on a daily basis and are often prescribed opioids to help relieve their pain, there has also been a growing concern with the relationship between pain management and addiction treatment centers. A 2015 analysis of data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey found that “an

Addiction Specialists Do A Better Job Treating Opioid Use Disorder

“The United States has a serious substance misuse problem” is the opening declaration in former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s report on addiction. To a large extent, the current crisis is driven by the abuse of opioid pain relievers (OPRs) and heroin. In the year 2000, 4,400 people died of an OPR overdose. By 2015, that