Chasing Ghosts from Your Recovery

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October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013 sobriety

Don’t Be Spooked!

Halloween 2013 is coming, or in some ways, is here. This former kids’ holiday has morphed into its own full season stretching out for most of October. The kid part of Halloween has gotten super-safe, with no trick or treating or just collecting candy at parties. But adults have turned Halloween into one of the year’s biggest drinking holidays. Don’t let this 2013 Halloween bring out the ghosts of your past and threaten your recovery.
Last time you checked, Halloween was a big deal when you were a kid. Adults got put on door duty, end of story. What happened?  Now costume parties can be any time in October. Those parties involve a lot of alcohol, masks and not being yourself.  Is that possible in sobriety? Don’t you want to be your new, sober self?
Don’t let Halloween catch you off guard. Look at some of the numbers linked to that new ‘adult’ holiday: Halloween is now one of the top drinking holidays for Americans. In a study of traffic accidents over 16 years, Halloween tied with January 1 for the date with the most pedestrian deaths, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Recovery is about reframing a lot of your life and how you viewed it. You know that certain areas will be difficult and you can prepare for them. You may not expect that feeling from what used to be that fun, innocent day of candy and costumes. Take it the same way as any change—allow for it, acknowledge your feelings and get help if you need it. Call a friend, a sponsor or go to a meeting. You’ve faced down the ghosts and goblins for real, so don’t be scared by the fake ones.
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