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February 07, 2012


Meth was smuggled in Nacho Cheese

A man was arrested attempting to smuggle meth into the United States from Mexico in two cans of nacho cheese and one can of jalapenos. He told officials that he was simply grocery shopping in Mexico when he was questioned about the goods. The officials determined the cans were too heavy and decided to x-ray them. They found $140,000 worth of methamphetamine in a total of the three cans.
Authorities also discovered a 600 yard tunnel, 40 feet underground, being used to cross the border of Mexico and the United States. They found 32 tons of marijuana and it was documented as one of the biggest pot busts in history. Reports state that this tunnel was precisely made and took a lot of time and dedication to complete.
The desperate attempts to obtain, sell, and use drugs is mind blowing.  The effort and intelligence put into thinking about how to get the drugs into the country seems like a waste of time. Once in recovery an addict realizes how intelligent he or she really is and using drugs and alcohol only masks or impairs this intelligence.
The statement “softer easier way” comes to mind when thinking about quick money and quick fixes. All of this is temporary and the risk involved just doesn’t seem worth it.  The nacho cheese drug smuggler was 21 years old and may or may not have been addicted to meth. It is so sad how the disease of addiction robs people of their youth and freedom.

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